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Flood Reduction Subsidy Program


What costs are eligible for the funding? 

The cost of labour and materials related to flood reduction activities that have been pre-approved by the City. 

Who is eligible to apply for funding? 

You are eligible to apply for the subsidy if you are the landowner of the property where the work is going to be done. 
You may be eligible to receive subsidy funding from the Flood Reduction Subsidy Program if you meet the following criteria:

  • If you have been contacted by the City of Peterborough concerning a non-conforming (i.e. I&I source) sanitary sewer connection on your property.
  • If your property has experienced basement flooding in the past, you may be eligible to receive funding for Backflow Prevention Valve and / or Sump Pit and Sump Pump installation.

In order to process the application, your signature on the application form is required. It confirms that you understand the terms and conditions of the program and will permit City staff to enter your property to conduct inspections and investigation as required. 

Please note that proof of ownership, confirming that you are the registered owner of the property will be required to collect the funds. A copy of the registered deed, a land transfer or a tax bill will be sufficient. 

The Application Process

Step 1 – Initial Contact 

In most cases, the initial contact will be made by the City to advise the landowners about the known non-conforming connections (i.e. I&I sources). The initial contact will come in the form of an initial contact package. The package will provide additional information and guidance regarding the following steps. 

If you have not received the initial contact package and are willing to apply for the subsidy program, please consult with the City in writing using the following contact information. We will advise you against proceeding to Step 2 until you have heard back from the City. 

Post address: 
Attention: Lisa Deflorio, Zoning Clerk 
Building Division 
500 George Street North 
Peterborough, On. K9H 3R9 

Step 2 – Submission of Application

Complete an application form and submit alongside the requested documents. 
A copy of the application form is included in the Initial Contact Package. Use this LINK to download an application package. The applications are also available at City of Peterborough Building Division. 

Completed applications should be submitted to: 

Post address: 
Attention: Lisa Deflorio, Zoning Clerk 
Building Division 
500 George Street North 
Peterborough, On. K9H 3R9 

Step 3 – Application Review and Site Investigation 

A City employee will verify your property information and confirm that your application is complete. 

  • If eligible - you will be contacted to schedule a site visit to your property. 
  • If not-eligible or if your application was not complete - you will be sent a letter with an explanation. 

After the investigation, you will be instructed on the detail of work that is required for your property. To avoid unnecessary expenses, you should confirm that you are eligible and approved for the program and that quotes are approved before you obtain building permits or undertake any work. 


  • The site visit is required so that a program representative can determine the work required for your property. This will involve taking measurements and photographs of plumbing and potential source, and asking questions to determine the extent of work and cause of the issue. More than one visit may be required. 
  • The City may require additional confirmatory evaluations such as closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection of your sanitary sewer service, smoke testing, dye testing, etc. There is no cost to you for the evaluations. The evaluation may be postponed to be performed as part of the on-going Inflow and Infiltration Reduction program, depending on the extent of the work required. 
  • Program representatives will display photo identification from the City of Peterborough or their respective companies upon request. Please do not allow access to your property, if proper identification is not provided. 

Step 4 – Contractor Quotes and Approval

If you are comfortable with the scope of work that was determined required during the investigation, contact one or more contractors to obtain quotes for the proposed work. Submit the quote(s) to the program. A program representative will review the quote(s) to determine if the price is reasonable. After the evaluation, you will be contacted regarding the evaluation results. 


  • Do NOT proceed with the work before receiving confirmation from the City. 
  • Be sure that the contractor includes all miscellaneous items such as taxes and permit fees in their quotes so they can be included for grant consideration. 
  • Submitted quotes will be evaluated according to the City's purchasing by-law. The City requests three (3) quotes for any item above $2,000.00. The submitted quotes will be compared with other applications for similar work and consulted with the City's trusted contractors. 

Step 5 – Performing the Work

After receiving the approval and obtained your building permit (if required), contact your contractor and ask them to proceed with the work. 


  • Do NOT start the work unless you have received approval from the City. 
  • You are responsible to verify the necessity and acquire all required permits including building permit. 
  • You have one (1) calendar year from the date of approval to complete the work and submit a proof of payment. If you have not submitted proof of payment within this time, you will be removed from the program. 
  • The subsidy funds will NOT be granted unless you can provide proof of inspection and quote approval. 

Step 6 – Schedule a Follow-up Inspection

When the work is finished, notify the program representative to verify the completion of the work. 

During the site visit the program representative will review the work and take photographs. Other confirmatory evaluations may be required. 

Notes: The subsidy funds will NOT be granted unless you provide invoices and proof of payment. 

Step 7 – Submit Proof of Payment and Ownership 

After the site visit, a representative will ask you to provide copies of the building permit (if required), proof of inspection, invoices, proof of payment, and proof of ownership. 

Notes: If you do not submit the proof of payment within one (1) calendar year from the date of approval, you will be removed from the program. 

Step 8 – Information Review and Rebate Process 

The program representative completes the remaining paperwork and reviews the information including bills, invoices, inspection records, quotes and confirmation that the work was completed according to the City’s expectation. Upon completion of the review process, you will be notified that a rebate is being processed. 

Grant Payment and Restriction

What is the maximum covered value? 

The amount of the subsidy is governed by the Flood Reduction Subsidy Program and was approved by the City Council. The maximum amount of reimbursement allowed for each item is shown in the table below: 

Items  Description Maximum Amount Per Item Per Property
 1  Backwater Valve Installation Only Full Cost Up to $800.00
 2  Sump Pit and Pump to Isolate Drainage/Storm Leads Only Full Cost Up to $800.00
 3  Items 1 & 2 Together for the Same Property Full Cost Up to $1,800.00
 4  Fixing Broken Clean Out Cover Maximum of $50.00
 5  Downspout Disconnection Full Cost Up to $500.00
6 Roof Drain Disconnection Full Cost Up to $3,500.00
 7 Catchbasin Disconnection Full Cost Up to $15,000.00
 8  For Properties with More than One (1) Eligible Items Case by Case Basis

Why would an application or grant NOT be considered?

A Flood Reduction Subsidy grant may not be issued for the following reasons: 

  • Your property has already benefited from the Flood Reduction Subsidy Program. 
  • Your application is rejected or your property does not meet the program requirements. 
  • You did not follow the process or fulfill the program requirements such as: 
  • Your property:
    • Violates the Building Code and By-laws in effect when your building was constructed. 
    • Does not have foundation drainage or building sewers installed in accordance with the City By-laws.
  • This program would not be suitable for your property because: 
    • The program evaluation determined that this program may aggravate existing problems. 
    • The City offers better options for protecting your property through other programs available for construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and repair. 

Subsidy limits

The program allocations are considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the City's annual budget allocation for the program year. If you do not receive a grant because of insufficient funds this year, your application will be kept on file and you will be notified and considered for the program next year. 

In-order to receive the subsidy you must agree:

  • To permit the City to evaluate your property. 
  • To undertake all the work defined by the City as necessary in accordance with Building Code and / or By-law requirements. 
  • To secure all necessary permits and approvals prior to the performance of the work. 
  • The Flood Reduction Subsidy Program is a voluntary program and you can withdraw at any time. By withdrawal from the program, you acknowledge that:
    • You are aware of the non-conforming connection existing on your property, and refuse the City’s assistance in repairing the issue;
    • You are aware of the risk posed to your property as a result of not taking the appropriate action in fixing the non-conforming connection; 
    • You understand that you will not be able to apply for the subsidy program at a later time. 

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