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Tree By-law 19-042 Notification to destroy a tree or trees on private property

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  • The 72 Hour Period will start when the Notice is received via email  to or in Person to City Hall, Infrastructure Planning Division, 500 George St N, Peterborough ON K9H 3R9. Attention: Urban Forest  Manager
  • A picture or photo can also be submitted with this Notification
  • Trees located on City property are protected under By-law 82-82 or Chapter 765 of the Municipal code.
  • The Woodland Conservation By-law 17-121 remain is effect for tree removal on properties greater than 2.47 ac or 1 hectare in size
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If you are destructing more than 4 trees, please complete another online form, or use our printed form.

For more assistant please contact 705-742-7777  ext 1878, 1490  or email