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Urban Forest Strategic Plan

Strategic PlanIn June 2011, Peterborough’s City Council adopted the Urban Forest Strategic Plan (UFSP), a document to provide guidance and direction for the maintenance, renewal and community awareness of our urban forest resource.

The Urban Forest Strategic Plan (UFSP) was updated in June of 2016 as part of a 5 year review. The update assesses the work done to date and reassesses the priorities for the next 5 years.

Vision Statement

The City of Peterborough recognizes and values the environmental, social, cultural and economic contribution of the urban forest to our community.

To safeguard the many benefits provided by trees, the City is committed to managing the urban forest by promoting community stewardship and strategic practice to preserve, renew and enhance this essential resource.

Our Forest Our Future: Peterborough’s Urban Forest Strategic Plan — PDF

History of Plan

Urban Forest Management includes the efforts made by municipal, corporate (including all forms of local businesses) and private citizens in the study and management of the urban forest. Policies, by-laws, and standards for tree planting and care; long and short term plans; inclusion of tree inventory; deployment of qualified/trained staff; plant health care and integrated pest management; heritage, memorial and commemorative trees; hardy species; variety; succession planting; suitability; planting and care of school grounds are all components of urban forest management. An urban forest strategic plan establishes the foundations for the application of best management practices that will benefit our community.

The urban forest provides many benefits including social, cultural, economic, environmental and engineering benefits. Increasing attention to global warming and the need to address sustainability in our community focuses ever increasing attention to the importance of trees and the urban forest.

In 1988, the City established a Forestry Resource Management policy to provide direction to the practice of urban forest management. Since that time there have been numerous changes in the forestry management field, including greater public involvement and legislative amendments.

The goal of the Urban Forest Strategic Plan is to review and update the 1988 policy and to begin the process of long term strategic planning.


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