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All Mapping and Digital Data samples can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program may be downloaded, at no charge, from

Note: All cartographic images contained in this web site are copyright protected and as such should not be reproduced without the written permission of the Geomatics/Mapping Division, City of Peterborough, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

City Maps

Ward Map - thumbnail

Ward Map

Effective Dec 3, 2018

(8.5x11, colour, printable)


Large City Map - Thumbnail

Large City Map

(Wall Map, colour, not printable)



 CityMap_Letter_thumb Small City Map

(8.5x11, colour, printable)

 PeterboroughRegion_thumb Peterborough Region Map

(8.5x11, colour, printable)



Downtown Visitor's Guide
(11x17, 2 Pages including legend, colour, printable)

Historic City Limits - Thumbnail

Historic City Limits

(8.5x11, colour, printable)

Southern Ontario - Thumbnail


Southern Ontario

(8.5x11, colour, printable)
Terrain City Map

Terrain City Map

The City of Peterborough has received the People's Choice Award for their Terrain City Map from the annual URISA Be Spatial 2011 conference.

(wall map, colour)


Horizontal Control Monument Location Map (wall map, colour)

New Map Coming Soon!

 Transit Map Thumb

Peterborough Transit Map

(wall map, colour)



Waste Collection Zones

(8.5x11, colour, printable)


Peterborough Airport Site Map

(11x17, colour, printable)

 Road Construction Map thumbnail

City Road Construction Map

(8.5x11, colour, printable)




Recreational Maps


Bikeways and Trails - Thumbnail
Bikeways and Trails Map

(wall map, colour)

PeterboroRoutes Recreational Cycling Routes Map

(wall map, colour)

 Parks Location Map - Thumbnail

Parks Location Map

(11x17, colour, printable)

 Playground Map Thumb

Playground Location Map

(8.5x11, colour, printable)


Wading Pool Map Thumbnail


Wading Pool and Splash Pads Location Map

(8.5x11, colour, printable)

Recreation Map Thumbnail


Recreation Map

(8.5x11, colour, printable)



Soccer field map


Soccer Field Location Map

(8.5x11, colour, printable)

Planning Maps (Including Official Plan Schedules)
Thumbnail  Maj Ben Land

Major Bennett Industrial Park


Available Land

Ptbo Indust Park Available Land

Peterborough Industrial Park


Available Land

All Official Plan maps are in PDF format, have a page size of 11 x 17 (Tabloid) and in colour.

Schedule A - Thumbnail

Schedule A

Land Use - Amended Aug 31, 2015
Schedule B - Thumbnail Schedule B

Transportation - Amended Dec 12, 2014

Schedule B(a) - Thumbnail

Schedule B (a)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Routes - Amended Dec 12, 2014

Schedule C - Thumbnail

Schedule C

Flood Plains - Amended Dec 12, 2014

Schedule Cb - Thumbnail

Schedule C (b)

Jackson Creek Floodplain

Schedule D - Thumbnail

Schedule D

Development Areas Amended Dec 12, 2014

Schedule E - Thumbnail

Schedule E

Residential Density - Amended Dec 31, 2017

Schedule F - Thumbnail

Schedule F

Secondary Land Use Plans - Amended Dec 12, 2014 

Schedule G - Thumbnail

Schedule G

Part of Jackson Creek Plan - Amended Feb 27, 2015

Schedule H - Thumbnail

Schedule H

Community Improvement - Amended Aug 10, 2009

Schedule I - Thumbnail

Schedule I

Commercial Area - Amended Aug 31, 2015

Schedule J - Thumbnail

Schedule J

Regional Centre/CBD Land-use Plan - Amended Apr 29, 2013

Schedule K - Thumbnail

Schedule K

Areas Designated for Adult Entertainment Parlours

Schedule L - Thumbnail

Schedule L

Downey West Secondary Land Use - Amended Feb 20, 2018

Schedule M

Schedule M

Lansdowne West Secondary/Harper Park & Peterborough Business Park - Amended Feb 3, 2014

Schedule N - Thumbnail

Schedule N

Auburn North Secondary Plan - Amended April 10, 2002

Schedule O - Thumbnail

Schedule O

Industrial Land Use - Amended Jun 9, 2014
Fig1_CommercialStructure_thumbnail Figure 1

Commercial Structure - Amended January, 2005
City Structure Schedule A-1
City Structure - Amended Dec 12, 2014
Cold Springs Land Use

Schedule P

Cold Springs Secondary Land Use

Chemong Land Use Schedule Q
Chemong Secondary Land Use

Lily Lake Land Use

Schedule R

Lily Lake Secondary Land Use

Zoning By-Law Maps

The following maps are current to date printed on bottom right corner of each individual map. All maps are printable, black & white, 8.5 x 11 (letter size) and in PDF format. The text of the City's Zoning By-Law can be accessed through a clickable Index Page.
Zoning By-Law Key Map

Map No. 1

Map No. 12 (Key Map)

Map No. 21

Map No. 2

Map No. 12a

Map No. 22 (Key Map)

Map No. 3

Map No. 12b

Map No. 22a

Map No. 4

Map No. 12c

Map No. 22b

Map No. 5

Map No. 12d

Map No. 23

Map No. 6

Map No. 13

Map No. 24

Map No. 7

Map No.14

Map No. 25

Map No. 8 (Key Map)

Map No. 15

Map No. 26

Map No. 8a

Map No. 16

Map No. 27

Map No. 8b

Map No. 17

Map No. 28

Map No. 9

Map No. 18

Map No. 29a

Map No. 10

Map No. 19

Map No. 29b

Map No. 11

Map No. 20

Map No. 30

Statistics Canada Based Maps

Low Income After Tax, 2014 by Peterborough Census Metropolitan Area
(8.5x11, colour, printable)


Median Income After Tax, 2014 by Peterborough Census Metropolitan Area
(8.5x11, colour, printable)



 Census 2011 Maps

Population by Census Tract
(11x17, colour, printable)


Population Density by Dissemination Area (Labels show Population by Dissemination Area)
(11x17, colour, printable)

Census 2011PopChange2006_2011_thumb

Percent Population Change from 2006 to 2011 (11x17, colour, printable)


Population Pyramids 2001, 2006, 2011 (3 pages 8.5x11, printable)


Median Age in 2011 by Dissemination Area (11x17, colour, printable)

Link to % Change in Population Over 65, 2006-2011

Percent Change in Population Over 65 from 2006 to 2011 by Dissemination Area (11x17, colour, printable)

Census 2006 Maps


Percentage of Population
Over Age 65
(11x17, colour, printable)


Average Number of Persons
Per Private Household

(11x17, colour, printable)

Dwell_MajorRepair_Perc_thumbnail Percentage of Dwellings
Requiring Major Repairs
(11x17, colour, printable)
Immigrants_Perc_thumbnail Immigrants as a Percentage
of the Total Population
(11x17, colour, printable)
LowIncome_Perc_thumbnail Prevalence of Low Income
after Tax in
Private Households as a Percentage
(11x17, colour, printable)
MedianIncome_thumbnail Median Income of
Private Households
(11x17, colour, printable)
OwnedDwell_Perc_thumbnail Percentage of Dwellings Owned
(11x17, colour, printable)
SingleDetDwell_Perc_thumbnail Percentage of Single Detached Dwellings
(11x17, colour, printable)
UnemployedOverAge15_thumbnail Unemployment Rate of Population Over Age 15
(11x17, colour, printable)
VisibleMinority_Perc_thumbnail Percentage of Visible Minorities of the Total Population
(11x17, colour, printable)
Zoning Map 6 Zoning Map 1 Zoning Map 1 Zoning Map 12a Zoning Map 12c Zoning Map 12d Zoning Map 2 Zoning Map 5 Zoning Map 8a Zoning Map 8b Zoning Map 27 Zoning Map 27 Zoning Map 4 Zoning Map 3 Zoning Map 7 Zoning Map 28 Zoning Map 29 Zoning Map 9 Zoning Map 10 Zoning Map 11 Zoning Map 13 Zoning Map 13 Zoning Map 14 Zoning Map 14 Zoning Map 19 Zoning Map 18 Zoning Map 17 Zoning Map 16 Zoning Map 15 Zoning Map 20 Zoning Map 21 Zoning Map 22a Zoning Map 23 Zoning Map 24 Zoning Map 24 Zoning Map 24 Zoning Map 26 Zoning Map 22b Zoning Map 25 Zoning Map 30 Zoning Map 12b Key Map 12a Key Map 12 b Key Map 12 c Key Map 12d Key Map 2 Key Map 1 Key Map 5 Key Map 27 Key Map 8a Key Map 8b Key Map 3 Key Map 7 Key Map 6 Key Map 29b Key Map 29a Key Map 28 Key Map 9 Key Map 10 Key Map 11 Key Map 13 Key Map 14 Key Map 19 Key Map 15 Key Map 16 Key Map 17 Key Map 18 Key Map 24 Key Map 23 Key Map 20 Key Map 21 Key Map 25 Key Map 22b Key Map 22a Key Map 26 Key Map 30 Key Map 4