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Mission Statement

The mission of the Geomatics/Mapping Division is to plan and implement corporately supported mapping services and GIS through collaborative partnerships between City of Peterborough staff, management and other organizations.

Discover Maps in the City of Peterborough!

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What Is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the combination of mapping data and analytical processes, used in conjunction with each other to produce a map based information tool. The mapping component of a GIS is information that has been traditionally found on printed maps, such as roads, sidewalks, buildings and property lines. The analysis component of a GIS is performed on database information, using GIS software. Combined they create a GIS which allows users to perform queries, produce models and forecast the future. The results of such analyses can be as simple as finding out where something is located to as complex as modelling impacts of sophisticated problems in a given area. The database information, derived from GIS analysis, can then be displayed graphically, in map format.


  • Development, evaluation and recommendation of system standards and procedures for GIS related projects.
  • GIS data analysis and manipulation.
  • Documentation of GIS procedures and data sets.
  • Coordination of user GIS requests, ensuring that all users are aware of GIS data availability and existing future GIS applications.
  • GIS support to the organization in the form of technical assistance.
  • Maintenance of Corporate land related information records.
  • Production of GIS/CAD related maps.
  • Promoting education and awareness.
  • Providing information and assistance to the public, consultants and contractors.

Mapping for the iPad

Looking for a way to view maps on your iPad?  Click here to view a document to show you how.

Contact Us

Contact members of the Geomatics/Mapping Division for further information about data and maps available to you.