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Your Stories, Treasures & Traditions - Intangible Culture

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Municipal Cultural Planning

The strategic and integrated planning and use of cultural resources for economic and community development."
(Municipal Cultural Planning Incorporated)

Unlike all of the other cultural maps that identify tangible places, spaces, people and events that can then be located as points on a map, this map is about Peterborough’s intangible culture.
Intangible culture cannot be touched or measured, but it is meaningful. It includes the practices, the festivities and traditions and the stories that are a part of who we are and that define a community’s sense of place and identity. It can be meaningful to a family, to a group of friends, to a neighbourhood or the entire community.

Mapping the stories and activities that are a part of our intangible culture requires creativity! Where ever possible we would like to link your stories with a place on the map. Perhaps it is about the history of a place or a famous person, or where an event or activity took place in the past. It could be a new tradition that takes place within the city or something that characterizes the people who live here today.
Please take a look at the stories about Peterborough’s intangible culture that have been presented on this map and feel free to send us your input!

This project would not be possible without the generous support of the Province of Ontario.
Disclaimer: Municipal Culture maps are for illustrative purposes only. Do not rely on this map as being a precise indicator of routes, location of features or surveying purposes. These maps may contain cartographical errors or omissions.