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Municipal Cultural Planning

The strategic and integrated planning and use of cultural resources for economic and community development."
(Municipal Cultural Planning Incorporated)

The City of Peterborough’s growing public art collection consists of sculptures, murals, monuments and other art installations. The City recognizes that public art is an important aspect of culturally vibrant cities - both as expressive works of art that enhance the attractiveness and liveability of an area, and to commemorate events and places of historical significance.

Public art can take many forms: from interior paintings and murals to sculptures in the park; a short inspiring performance, projected audio or visual images; a temporary installation in a public space; or incorporated in the design of city infrastructure, as street furniture or elements of our streetscape.

The City of Peterborough adopted a Public Art Policy in 2009 that identifies the purpose and applications of Public Art. The policy demonstrates and formalizes the City’s commitment to Public Art for the benefit of city residents and visitors, and also identifies the necessary structures and processes for creating and selecting projects. An annual Public Art fund was introduced for commissioning new public art, and for the management and maintenance of existing art works.

This project would not be possible without the generous support of the Province of Ontario.
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