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Municipal Cultural Planning

The strategic and integrated planning and use of cultural resources for economic and community development."
(Municipal Cultural Planning Incorporated)

Cultural heritage encompasses both the historic built environment and the non-physical heritage that shapes our local identity. Cultural heritage preservation ensures that treasures from the past are not lost as the urban landscape continues to evolve. Mapping heritage resources provides a valuable snapshot of the historic fabric of our city. Sharing our stories about these places helps us to better understand who we are as a community.
For cultural mapping purposes, there are three broad classes of heritage resources:

  1. Fixed heritage: These are fixed land or land-based resources such as heritage buildings or natural areas.
  2. Movable heritage: These are heritage resources that can be detached and moved from one location to another such as artworks or documents.
  3. Intangible heritage: These are the non-physical forms of cultural heritage such as stories, traditions, songs and beliefs. They are products of our history that reflect a particular way of life tied to a place and the people who live there.

The successful preservation of the City of Peterborough’s unique cultural heritage is the result of a strong municipal commitment. The City works very hard to build community partnerships, educate citizens about our past and make heritage conservation a central feature of future growth. In 2011 the City was awarded both the Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Community Leadership by the Ontario Heritage Trust and the Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Heritage Leadership. The City supports a wide range of programming that promotes heritage including Doors Open, Jane’s Walk, heritage tree studies, heritage conferences, publications, interpretative panels and plaques and events.

This project would not be possible without the generous support of the Province of Ontario.
Disclaimer: Municipal Culture maps are for illustrative purposes only. Do not rely on this map as being a precise indicator of routes, location of features or surveying purposes. These maps may contain cartographical errors or omissions.