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City Departments

For an overview of specific City Departments, just click the desired department link below and you will be directed to a short description.  Within the department description, you will also find links that will take you to divisions within this department.

Keep in mind that you don't need to know the specific City Department that performs the service or provides the information that you need.  The City's website has been categorized to allow you to search for specific services or information from the main headings at the top of this page.  You can also use the Search functionality if you are having trouble finding the information you need.

Chief Administrative Office

The Chief Administrative Officer provides for the coordination, administration and direction of all the affairs of the Corporation of the City of Peterborough.

Emergency & Risk Management  

In today's world, it is critical that every municipality be prepared for potential high-risk incidents. That incident could be anything from a spring flood, to a bomb threat, a virus, an ice storm, or nuclear accident. The Peterborough Emergency Management team helps keep Peterborough prepared for similar threats.

Peterborough is a leader in community emergency preparedness. Our Emergency Plan is up to date and our Emergency Control Group Members exercise their roles regularly.

The Risk Management staff are responsible for risk management, insurance and claims.

Fire Services  

The Peterborough Fire Service's mission is "to be there whatever the need, prompt and professional."

There are 3 stations throughout the city and there is a non-staffed station at the airport. Personnel are spread across suppression and rescue division, prevention, public education, administration, communications, training and emergency management, totalling 99 personnel.

Peterborough Fire + Rescue serves a residential population of 74,000, and a day population of ~90,000. The response area covers 53 km square. We cover some 700 streets, 38 schools, Trent University, Sir Sandford Fleming College, and 52 churches, 17 nursing homes, and 150 industrial and 900 commercial businesses. Our goal is to reach any fire/accident scene inside the city within 6 minutes, while driving safely for the circumstances.

Community Services
The Community Services Department directs, manages, and coordinates a broad range of services, facilities and programs for the benefit of City residents and visitors.

The Community Services Department is also responsible for the administration of the Community Grants Program.  The purpose of the Community Grants Program is to provide financial assistance to non-profit, community-based organizations that provide direct programs, services, or activities that enhance the quality of life for Peterborough residents in the areas of social services and health, arts, culture, heritage, recreation, or the environment. 
The Arenas Division consists of 4 Arenas: the Peterborough Memorial CentreEvinrude Centre, Kinsmen Civic Centre and Northcrest Arena.
Arts, Culture & Heritage  

The Arts Culture & Heritage Division coordinates the development and provision of arts, culture and heritage activities, facilities, services and resources.

The division includes: the Art Gallery of Peterborough, Heritage Preservation Office, the Peterborough Museum & Archives, and the Peterborough Public Library. The division coordinates the identification, designation and conservation of local built and cultural heritage, and the development of arts, culture and heritage policies, plans and programs for the City.

Through the Arts Culture & Heritage Advisory Committee, the division encourages communication, cooperation and coordination among the city's many arts, culture & heritage organizations.

Community Grants
The Community Services Department provides support to eligible not-for-profit organizations through the Community Grants process. Funding is available for community-based initiatives and organizations that contribute to the quality of life for all residents. This includes those enhancing health and well-being; protecting heritage and the environment; and increasing access to arts, culture, heritage, recreation, sport and leisure activities. Visit the Community Grants Program page for more information and application forms.
The Recreation Division oversees a variety of facilities, programs, services and special events for all ages. Leisure programs include fitness and health initiatives, swimming lessons, day camps, Downtown Youth Space, instructional sports, family recreation and summer play programs, to name a few. The Division oversees the activities of the Peterborough Sport & Wellness Centre, Queen Alexandra Community Centre, Marina, Millennium and Del Crary Park, 110 sport fields, two City beaches and five wading pools. Staff of Recreation support neighbourhood associations, local recreation, sport and special event committees, the Peterborough Youth Commission, and the Peterborough Youth Council. For families in need, subsidy is provided for children's recreational activities and is administered by Recreation staff.
Social Services
We will work together to provide and promote the development of Social Services and community partnerships in an accountable, caring, responsive and respectful way for the well-being of our community.
Community Partnerships & Family Services
The Community Partnerships and Family Services Office for the City and County of Peterborough provides financial assistance for child care to eligible families who are working, attending school or have been referred for care from a child welfare agency. For Ontario Works clients, our Child Care Assessment Officers, in consultation with you and your caseworker, can also provide some assistance for some job search requirements, Community Placements, the Self-Employment Program and the Employment Placement Program.
Social Assistance
Social Assistance is a provincially mandated program, delivered by the City of Peterborough to eligible residents of the City and County.  Social Assistance provides financial and employment assistance to people in temporary financial need.  People receiving assistance through Social Assistance participate in a wide range of employment assistance activities, which help them prepare for, find and keep a job.
Peterborough Community Help Centre
The Peterborough Community Help Centre is a self-help centre which provides current resource materials, equipment and professional assistance from qualified staff to individuals conducting a self-directed job search. All of these services are provided at no cost to any member of the community and surrounding area.

Sustainability strives to ensure that we will have a safe, sufficient supply of water, air, energy, natural resources, and renewable energy; that use of land and resources are efficiently used; that waste is minimized, treated and disposed using environmentally sound methods; residents are healthy, educated, trained and qualify for employment; that a variety of employment, affordable housing, health care services exist; that the community is safe, respectful of each other and supported by a positive, diverse economy; which is driven by consumption of products and services produced locally, in an economically viable way.

The City and County of Peterborough, in collaboration with its eight townships, two First Nations, and the Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation, are developing an integrated community sustainability plan, Sustainable Peterborough.

Corporate and Legislative Services
The Corporate and Legislative Services department consists of 7 divisions:
  1. City Clerk
  2. Facilities Management
  3. Financial Services 
  4. Human Resources
  5. Legal Services
  6. Peterborough Technology Services
  7. Provincial Offences
City Clerk

The City Clerk is responsible for recording, without note or comment, all resolutions, decisions and other proceedings of the Council. The Clerk is required to keep records of all by-laws and the minutes of the Council.

The City Clerk is a Statutory Officer of the Corporation and is assigned duties by various Provincial Statutes, including the Municipal Act, the Municipal Elections Act, the Planning Act, the Ontario Heritage Act and the Vital Statistics Act.

The duties include issuing marriage licenses, processing death registrations, issuing lottery licenses, and processing insurance claims for the Corporation of the City of Peterborough.

The Clerk is the Returning Officer for municipal elections.

The City Clerk and the Mayor are the signing officers for the Corporation of the City of Peterborough. 

Facilities Management
The Facilities Management division is responsible for the management and maintenance of City -owned property and buildings and the coordination of energy and conservation for all City-owned buildings.
Financial Services  
The Financial Services Division has responsibility for collection of property taxes and other revenue, coordination of the operating and capital budgets, issuance of debentures for capital works, provision of accounts receivable services, City tenders/proposals/quotations and customer service coordination. The tax office accepts tax payments, parking ticket payments, accounts receivable payments and large article pickup tickets. The division also coordinates the online payments for parking tickets.

The division also has the responsibility for preparation of financial statements and reports, maintenance of accounting records, investments, purchase of goods and services, payments to suppliers, provision of payroll and auditing services, maintenance and management of stores inventory and asset management.

Human Resources

The Human Resources division is responsible for providing ongoing services to all departments within the City organization, including recruitment and selection, salary administration and classification, staff training and development, Corporate health and safety programs, training, Workplace Safety and Insurance administration, pay equity and employment equity, and maintenance of personnel records.

The department oversees the employee benefit programs, the development and maintenance of position descriptions, negotiates and administers all collective agreements, grievance handling and acts in an advisory capacity to all departments in the interpretation and administration of collective agreements and legislation.

Legal Services

The Legal Services division provides legal services to the Corporation, including City Council, Staff and certain related boards and agencies, consisting generally of the following functions:

  • Provision of general and specific legal advice
  • Representing the Corporation before various levels of courts and administrative tribunals
  • Real estate transactions (purchases, sales, leases, encroachment agreements, etc.) on behalf of the Corporation
  • By-Law prosecutions against individuals accused of violating the City's by-laws (noise, licensing, planning matters etc.)

We are not able to provide advice to the public on personal legal matters, but are quite prepared to assist members of the public in seeking information or direction on how to solve any problem related to a matter in which the City has any role.

Peterborough Technology Services
Peterborough Technology Services is responsible for the delivery of Information Technology resources to all City departments. This includes desktop office automation resources, access to corporate applications on various technical platforms across both local and wide area networks, and links to various external resources.
Provincial Offences Office  
The Provincial Offences Office, a division of the Legal Department, is responsible for offences, under the Provincial Offences Act , in the Peterborough County Court Services Area. The Peterborough County Court Services Area is composed of all Townships within Peterborough County as well as the City of Peterborough.
Infrastructure and Planning Services

The Infrastructure and Planning Services department consists of 11 divisions:

  1. Building
  2. Engineering and Construction
  3. Environmental Protection
  4. Housing
  5. Geomatics/Mapping
  6. Peterborough Airport
  7. Planning
  8. Public Works
  9. Transportation
  10. Urban Forestry
  11. Waste Management (WM)


The Building Division is an integral part of the "development team" approach in the City of Peterborough. The Building Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Building Code and various city by-laws. The technically trained staff of plan examiners and field inspectors are here to help you with your building project. Services include the administration, enforcement, education and dispersal of information to the public regarding the Building Code, Zoning, Minimum Property Standards, Development Charges, Parks Levy, Signs and fences to name a few.
Engineering & Construction
The Engineering and Construction Division is responsible for the design and construction of all new storm and sanitary sewers, sidewalks, streets, bridges and culverts. This includes the preparation of the contract documents and the administration of the construction in the field. In addition, the Division is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the streetlight system. For further information call 742-7777 Ext. 1890.
Engineering Design Standards
Attached are the Engineering Design Standards. These standards are intended to assist engineers, land use planners, contractors and developers in preparing designs intended for City of Peterborough infrastructure or approval.
Environmental Protection  
The Environmental Protection Division operates the WWTP and the 10 pumping stations and force mains used to convey sanitary sewage to the WWTP. The Division enforces the Sewer Use By-Law and regulations as they pertain to the City. The Division provides for the operation of one of Peterborough's major tourist attractions, the Centennial Fountain. For further information call 705-742-7777 x2600.
The Housing Division is the Service Manager for affordable and social housing for the City and County of Peterborough. The City establishes, administers and funds a variety of housing programs, including social housing that is offered by non-profit housing providers and Peterborough Housing Corporation. The County costs shares many of these programs. The City relies on non-profit and private sector partners to make many of the programs and services available to citizens. The work of the Housing Division is guided by the 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan, as approved by City Council and endorsed by County Council in 2013.
The Geomatics/Mapping Division is responsible for:
  • Establishing and maintaining spatial data standards, developing and maintaining the corporate spatial
    data model, providing specifications for data capture and setting corporate standards for attribute data input
  • Developing and maintaining GIS applications such as Web based GIS
  • Providing project support for spatial components of corporate
    applications with a mapping component, such as the Fire Dispatch.
  • Produce map products derived from CAD or GIS
  • Graphic arts
Peterborough Airport  
The Peterborough Municipal Airport is owned by the City of Peterborough.

The Airport has the longest paved, lighted runway between Ottawa and Toronto. This full service facility caters to both business and general aviation including fuel, oil, aircraft repairs, weather observation site and charter service.

Our newly rebuilt 5,000 foot runway is equipped with new lighting and our PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) approach system also provides reliable and safe approach assistance to aircraft. Our terminal operations feature Customs pre clearance using CANPASS and a restaurant facility catering to local and transient traffic.

General aircraft movements play a very important role at the Airport. With approximately 31,000 aircraft movements per year, there are many recreational users as well as an increased commercial usage. The day to day activity also includes many corporate jets, medical flights, flight school activity and cargo shipments. With no noise By-Laws or operating hour curfews for freight and passenger flights, General Motors is one of our main customers at this time utilizing the freight and cargo services.

The City is currently pursuing the development of a GPS (Global Positioning System) approach, which uses the characteristics of radio transmissions through satellite-based transmitters for location determination.

Services offered by the Planning Division include the processing of plans of subdivision, zoning, official plan amendments and site plans. The Division's services also include development related engineering, such as lot grading and stormwater management. The Planning Division's scope of responsibilities include urban design such as downtown streetscapes, parks planning, the sale and purchase of municipal property and the development of the City's Industrial Parks.

The Committee of Adjustment, which considers minor variance and severance matters is also administered by the Planning Division. City Council, other boards, commissions and departments are advised through the Planning Division of applications to change the Official Plan, Zoning by-law, Housing Policy and other planning documents.

Public Works

The Public Works Division which includes the Parks Division, has responsibility for solid waste collection and disposal, including the Bensfort Road landfill site, the maintenance of the sanitary and storm sewer systems, sidewalks, streets, including winter control, bridges and culverts, municipal parklands and urban forestry. For further information call 745-1386. Our line is answered 24/7.

The Transportation Division provides bus services for the City. In addition, the Division is responsible for the operation of the municipal off-street parking lots, including the King Street and Simcoe Street parking garages, as well as control over the on-street meter parking, parking by-law enforcement and adult crossing guards. For further information call 742-7777 x2895.
The Parking section provides for the operation of all municipal on-street vehicle parking including the parking garages. The parking section also enforces all municipal parking by-law regulations for the City. For information regarding parking infraction concerns call 742-7777 Ext. 2802.

The Traffic section provides for the operation and maintenance of traffic signals, signs and pavement markings. The Traffic section also provides Adult Crossing Guards services for the City. For further information call 742-7777 Ext. 1846.


Peterborough Transit is delighted to introduce our official guide to routes and schedules for the City of Peterborough's transit system. Schedules and detailed maps of regular routes as well as express services are provided, and online information is updated yearly along with map booklets available at the Simcoe Street Terminal.

Transportation Demand Management  

Transportation Demand Management is a new section as of December, 2003 and the main goal is to implement recommendations in the Transportation Plan that refer to reduced vehicle use and various strategies to do so.

Urban Forestry  

Urban Forestry plays a key role in the stewardship and advocacy of the City's urban tree canopy through strategic planning and maintenance programs for publicly-owned tress and provides education and outreach for private tree owners. Urban Forestry also regulates the injury or destruction of tress through the Tree and Woodland Conservation By-laws throughout the City. For further information call 705-742-7777 ext 1813 or 1878.

Waste Management  

The Waste Management Division is responsible for the collection, processing and disposal of municipal solid waste generated from within the City of Peterborough. Programs provided include blue box collection, green waste collection, organics processing, household hazardous waste processing and disposal, education, and promotion of environmental events. The Division also operates the Peterborough County/City Waste Management Facility which includes the Landfill Site and Public Drop-off Depot, as well as the Pido Road Material Recycling Facility, the Household Hazardous Waste Facility, and the Harper Road Composting Facility. For further information, call 742-7777 ext. 1657.