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List of Certified Candidates

Notice is hereby given to the Municipal Electors of the City of Peterborough that during the period commencing on May 1, 2018 and completed on Nomination Day, July 27, 2018, the following persons filed all necessary papers, declarations and fees, and as Clerk, I am satisfied that such persons are qualified and that their Nominations satisfy the requirements of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

Name Contact Information
Bennett, Daryl

Email:  Momentum@DarylBennett.ca

Phone:  705-741-6675

Website:  www.DarylBennett.ca

Therrien, Diane

Email:  diane@dianetherrien.ca

Phone:  705-808-2197

Website:  www.dianetherrien.ca 

Councillor - Ward 1 - Otonabee
Name Contact Information

Grills, Brock

Email:  brock_grills@hotmail.com
Facebook:  facebook.com/BGOtonabee

Phone:  705-868-2348

Website:  www.brockgrills.ca

Hall, Bob

Email:  votebobhall@outlook.com

Phone:  705-931-3615

Website:  http://votebobhall.ca/

 Parnell, Lesley

Email: LesleyParnell@bell.net

Phone: 705-991-1272

Website: www.lesleyparnell.ca

Wallwork, Jason Andrew

Email:  jason@jasonwallwork.ca

Phone:  705-957-3865

Website:  http://jasonwallwork.ca

Waudby, Ryan

Email:  RyanWaudbyforOtonabee@gmail.com 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Waudby4Otonabee/

Phone:  705-745-6024

Twitter:  @WaudbyRyan

Website: www.ryanwaudby.ca

Zippel, Kim

Email: kim@kimzippel.ca
Phone:  705-775-9477
Twitter:  @kimzippel

Website: www.kimzippel.ca 

Councillor - Ward 2 - Monaghan
Name Contact Information
Clarke, Henry

Email: henryclarke2018@outlook.com

Phone: 705-749-3149

Magumbe, Charmaine

Email:  votecharmainePtbo@gmail.com

Phone:  705-745-6326

Facebook:  Vote Charmaine

Email:  http://votecharmaine.ca

McGowan, Dave

Email: info@davemcgowan.ca

Phone: 705-768-1432

Twitter:  @DaveMcGowanPTBO

Website: www.davemcgowan.ca

Vassiliadis, Don

Email:  don.vassiliadis@sympatico.ca

Phone:  705-768-0377

Website:  www.donvassiliadis.com

 Westlake, Jeff

Email: westlake84@hotmail.com

Phone: 705-748-0762

Website: jeffwestlake.nationbuilder.com

Councillor - Ward 3 - Town
Name Contact Information

Akapo, Kemi

Email:  info@kemiakapo.ca

Twitter:  @kemi_akapo

Website:  www.kemiakapo.ca

Davidson, Jane

Email:  jane4townward@gmail.com 

Phone:  705-772-7692

Lanciault, Jenny

Email:  jennylanciault@gmail.com

Phone:  705-931-2435

Website:  www.jennylanciault.com

Pappas, Dean

Phone: 705-745-0133

Website: www.pappastown.com​

Russell, Jim

Email: jim@jimrussell.ca 

Phone: 705-761-9219

Website: www.jimrussell.ca

Councillor - Ward 4 - Ashburnham
Name Contact Information
Baldwin, Gary

Email:  gary@garybaldwin.ca 

Phone: 705-743-7056

Twitter:  @GaryBaldwin705

Website: www.garybaldwin.ca

Peddle, Ian Russell

Email:  Ian@electpeddle.com

Phone:  705-977-4733

Website:  www.electpeddle.com

Rellinger, Paul

Email:  paulrellinger@hotmail.com

Phone:  705-768-2594 

Website:  www.electpaulrellinger.com 

Riel, Keith

Email: info@keithriel.ca

Phone: 705-775-7435

Website: www.keithriel.ca

Wood, Sheila

Email: sheilawood4ashburnham@gmail.com

Phone: 705-872-2875​

Councillor - Ward 5 - Northcrest
Name Contact Information

Beamer, Andrew

Email:  andrewbeamer@hotmail.com

Phone:  705-743-8004

Website:  www.VoteBeamer.ca

Haacke, Dave

Email:  dhaacke@dnsrealestate.ca

Phone:  705-772-3478

Hatton, Zach

Email: hatton4northcrest@gmail.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/Hatton4Northcrest

Phone: 705-927-1290

Twitter: @HattonPtbo

Website:  ZachHatton.ca

Wright, Stephen

Email: sawright@sawright.ca

Phone: 705-957-9557

Twitter: @StephenaWright

Website: www.electstephenwright.ca

Trustee - Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
Name Contact Information
Bonner, Wayne

Email: waynefortrustee@gmail.com

Phone: 705-760-4448

Hildebrand, Dennis

Email:  theparentstrustee@solution4u.com

Phone:  705-917-0606

Kitney, Rose

Email:  rosekitney2014@gmail.com

Phone:  705-743-1762

Russell, Steve 

Email:  steverussell074@me.com

Phone:  705-243-1303

Trustee - Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board
Name Contact Information
Leal, Braden

Email:  Bradenleal@gmail.com

Phone:  705-742-1361

McCarthy, Helen

Email:  hmccarthy6@hotmail.com

Phone:  705-748-3680

Pursuant to Section 37(1) of the Municipal Election Act, 1996 the Trustee positions for the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board have been acclaimed. The candidates for this board will not appear on the ballot as they are deemed to have been elected. Click here for the Declaration of Acclamation to Office. 

Trustee - Conseil Scolaire Viamonde
Name Contact Information
Landry, Sylvie A.

Email:  votesylvie@gmail.com

Phone:  905-837-0663

Ruszkowski, Anna-Karyna

Email:  anna-karyna@revonsengrand.ca

Phone:  416-690-2246

Website:  www.revonsengrand.ca

Trustee - Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir
Name Contact Information
Brideau, Roger

Email: Ouitalk@bellnet.ca

Phone: 905-668-1732

Kwilu Mondo, Marcellin

Email:  marcellin.kwilu@yahoo.ca

Phone:  289-923-2781

Linsky, Andre

Email:  andrelinsk@gmail.com

Phone:  416-578-9477

Nkongolo, Balonda

Email:  balondamkongolo@hotmail.com

Phone:  289-200-7628

A complete List of Certified Candidates is available here

List of Withdrawn Candidates

The following candidates registered with the Clerk's Office by withdrew prior to the close of Nominations.  These Candidates are still required to submit financial statements after the Election, but their names will not appear on the ballot. 


Green, Cameron


(Name will not appear on the ballot)

Trustee - Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board

Moran, Monica


(Name will not appear on the ballot)