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Shaping Our City for the Future
City of Peterborough Strategic Framework

Healthy & Connected Strategic Theme

Healthy and Connected LogoThe focus of the Healthy & Connected Strategic Theme is on:

  • Ensuring that Peterborough is a healthy, accessible, and welcoming city with safe and thriving neighbourhoods, an inclusive community design, and a strong focus on active living.
  • Planning our City to better connect people, places, and the natural environment in order to foster active, healthy lifestyles and to facilitate social inclusion.
  • Ensuring appropriate intensification and the fostering of walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods that provide a blend of housing, employment, entertainment, open space, and community services and infrastructure. 
  • Offering a diverse range of experiences, opportunities, infrastructure, and supports that are available and accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.
  • Ensuring an efficient, multi-modal transportation system and an expanded trail system to facilitate reduced automobile reliance and to support safe and accessible active transportation within and between neighbourhoods.

Healthy & Connected Strategic Commitments: 

  • Active, alternative transportation 
  • Safe and prepared community
  • Trail and cycling network connecting the city 
  • Thriving neighbourhoods and appropriate intensification 
  • Efficient public transit and road/transportation network 
  • Accessible, welcoming city and inclusive community design 
  • Open relationship with surrounding communities/First Nations 
  • Range of housing opportunities and social supports 
  • Complete communities – mixed use, walkable neighbourhoods 
  • Wide range of active/passive leisure opportunities for all