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Shaping Our City for the Future
City of Peterborough Strategic Framework

Strategic Framework Overview

Strategic Framework LogoThe ‘Shaping Our City for the Future’ Strategic Framework brings together the City’s various strategic plans and commitments into one overall strategic ‘road map’ for the City.

The Strategic Framework consists of:

Leadership/Governance Wheel

The outer ring of the Strategic Framework is called the Leadership/Governance Wheel. It represents the City’s commitment and approach to effective leadership and governance.

The Wheel contains key values and standards intended to guide the City’s approach to leadership and governance and the achievement of the Strategic Themes.

The key values and standards include:

  • Accountable
  • Collaborative
  • Compassionate
  • Innovative
  • Responsive
  • Progressive
  • Transparent

Vision Statement

The Strategic Framework’s Vision Statement epitomizes the four Strategic Themes in one overarching statement:

“A City of natural beauty, opportunity and lasting impressions.”

The concepts of natural beauty, opportunity, and lasting impressions are woven throughout the four Strategic Themes, and are imbedded in many of the strategic and master plans upon which the Strategic Framework is based.

Strategic Themes

The Strategic Framework is separated into 4 Strategic Themes:

Each Theme is made up of strategic commitments that form building blocks that will help positively shape the future of the City.

The detail related to each Theme’s strategic commitments is contained within the City’s various master/strategic plans that the Framework is based upon.