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Studies & Projects

10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan Review

The Review of the 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan will update the 10-year Housing and Homelessness plan with new goals, connect to the community to learn from people with lived experience, explore new evidence and methods to improve the housing and homelessness system, and more.

2017 Proposed Boundary Change

City Council is considering a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Peterborough, the Township of Cavan Monaghan and the County of Peterborough developed under the guidance of the Provincial Land and Development Facilitator in order to secure employment lands, capable of being serviced, for the benefit of the region. 

Airport Development Program

In the fall of 2008, the City of Peterborough commissioned LPS AVIA Consulting to develop a business case for the development of infrastructure at the Peterborough Airport.  The recommendations of the Business Case were accepted by City Council and an Airport Master Plan was commissioned in the spring of 2009. 

Airport Sanitary and Water Servicing Class Environmental Assessment

The City of Peterborough started a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) in July 2016 to study the existing sanitary infrastructure and then identify future servicing needs and way to provide those services.

Arena & Aquatics Complex Project

The City is currently in the design phase for a new arena complex to replace Northcrest Arena. The new Arena complex will be located on the south side of Pioneer Road on property provided by Trent University.

Armour Road Reconstruction; and Curtis Creek Culvert Replacements at Armour Road and Caddy Street

The City if currently in the design phase for upgrading the storm and sanitary sewers along Armour Road from south of Douro Street to Clifton Street and replacement of the Curtis Creek culverts at Armour Road and Caddy Street.

Asset Management Plan

Comprehensive asset management plans are the foundation of municipal infrastructure strategies.  See how investment decisions are aided by this project in the City of Peterborough.

Beavermead Campground Study

The City is undertaking a cost-benefit analysis of the Beavermead Campground and Park, to determine the future of this function in Beavermead Park. The intent of the analysis is to consider both the social and economic benefits of the operations of a municipal campground in a very active public park. The review is two parts. The first is a cost-benefit analysis. The second part is a strategy plan for the future of the lands within the campground.

Bethune Street Project 

A detailed plan for the reconstruction of Bethune Street and the effected portions of Charlotte Street and Townsend Street is being developed to establish a vision for the project area.  

Brealey Drive Reconstruction

Brealey Drive between Sir Sandford Fleming Drive and Lansdowne Street is currently underway and will be completed in 2016.  The street design reflects Complete Streets principles, providing safe and convenient access along and across the street for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

Carnegie Secondary Land Use Plan

The City is currently preparing a Secondary Land Use Plan to guide the future development of the Carnegie Planning Area. The Carnegie Planning Area was annexed in 1998 from the former Township of Smith for the purpose of accommodating long-term residential growth.

Central Area Master Plan

The Central Area Master Plan is a planning strategy that adds policy depth and clarity to the Commercial Land Use Policies for the Central Area already contained within the Official Plan.

Charlotte Street Streetscape

The City of Peterborough is investigating improvements to the Charlotte Street Streetscape area of the downtown.

Chemong Road Reconstruction

The reconstruction of Chemong Road is from Reid Street to 200 metres north of Sunset Boulevard, Reid Street from Chemong Road to Edinburgh Street and Parkhill Road From Downie Street to Chemong Road.

City Gateway Project

The City has issued a Request for Tenders (RFT) for the construction of a major gateway feature at the north-east corner of Crawford Drive and The Parkway, to include landscape construction and a grand “Welcome to Peterborough” sign.

Class Environmental Assessment: Otonabee River Trail Extension Around Little Lake

This study will identify a recommended design for the Otonabee River Trail around Little Lake from the George Street Wharf in Del Crary Park to Haggart Street.

Community Improvement Plans

The City has approved two community improvement plans, the Central Area Community Improvement Plan and the Affordable Housing Community Improvement Plan, in order to lend financial support to downtown redevelopment and revitalization projects and assist in the creation of affordable housing.

Crawford Drive and Harper Road Extension and Reconstruction

The City is planning to extend and reconstruct Crawford Drive from The Parkway to the existing Harper Road north of the Canadian Pacific Railway line. Harper Road south of the Canadian Pacific Railway will be re-aligned in an easterly direction south of the rail line to intersect with the Crawford Drive extension.

Donegal Street Bridge Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Donegal Street, McDonnel Street and Gilchrist Street 

The City of Peterborough has engaged G.D. Jewell Engineering Inc. to provide engineering services for the rehabilitation of the Donegal Street Bridge over Jackson Creek, and the reconstruction of; Donegal Street from Murray Street to McDonnel Street, McDonnel Street from Park Street to Downie Street, and Gilchrist Street from McDonnel to London Street.  

Electronic Signs: By-Law Review

Staff would like to hear citizen’s concerns related to recent advancements in electronic sign technology.

Emerald Ash Borer Management Study

Peterborough currently faces a threat to its public and private ash tree resource. An invasive and exotic pest known as the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has infested many ash trees throughout Southern Ontario.  Find out how the City of Peterborough is working to protect our trees.

Future Bus Storage Facility

The City of Peterborough has initiated a project to identify possible future locations of a new Peterborough Transit bus storage facility.

George Street Improvement Project - Sherbrooke Street to Perry Street

The Transportation Division of the City of Peterborough is undertaking a multi-phased project designed to improve the safety, appearance and functionality of the section of George Street between Sherbrooke and Perry Streets.

Holy Cross Field Rehabilitation Project

The City of Peterborough and the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board (PVNCCDSB) are partnering on a project to upgrade the existing sports field at Holy Cross Secondary School for both community and school board use.  

Land Use/Urban Design Study for the Special Policy Area - Schedule J Official Plan

The Official Plan calls for the City to undertake a detailed planning analysis of the Special Policy Area as depicted on Schedule J of the Plan. The recommendations of the Study may then be adopted by Council, prior to the passage of any Zoning By-Law amendments for properties within the Special Policy Area.

Library Study

The Peterborough Public Library completed an investigation into a renovation and expansion project and in 2013 released the feasibility study prepared by Lunholm Associates Architects. Construction is now underway. 

Liftlock Secondary Plan

The City is preparing a Secondary Land Use Plan to guide the future development of the Liftlock Planning Area.

Lily Lake Secondary Plan

The City is preparing a Secondary Land Use Plan for the Lily Lake Planning Area in order to establish land use designations and policies to guide future development in the area.

Little Lake Master Plan

The City is currently undertaking the Little Lake Master Plan. This initiative has commenced and will include public consultation in the spring and fall of 2009 with a final report planned for April 2010 to City Council.

Major Sport & Event Centre Study Project

The City is undertaking a Feasibility Study for a Major Sport and Event Centre in Peterborough. Sierra Planning and Management has been retained by the City of Peterborough to determine the overall feasibility and cost-benefits of investment in a new Mulit-Use Sport and Event Centre in the City.

Marina Boulevard Road Reconstruction

The City of Peterborough is planning to reconstruct Marina Boulevard from Hilliard Street to approximately 100m east of Royal Drive including storm water management work at The Parkway Trail and Hilliard Street in 2017.  The reconstruction will address flood reduction recommendations and utility upgrades.

Moorecraig Road, Roper Drive and Briarhill Road Reconstruction

The City of Peterborough is planning to install curb and gutter, storm water infrastructure and other infrastructure to Moorecraig Road, Roper Drive and Briarhill Road.

Municipal Cultural Plan

The Municipal Cultural Plan will develop a vision for Peterborough, highlighting economic prosperity, social progress, and quality of life. It will focus on culture’s role in creating a liveable, sustainable community with a vibrant downtown and healthy neighbourhoods.            

Municipal Parks and Open Space Review

The Municipal Parks and Open Space Review is a project to to establish park planning, provisions and design guidelines and standards.

North End - Trent University Area Transportation and Wastewater Management Class EA

The City of Peterborough will be undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment to explore options to realign Armour Road, north of Cunningham Boulevard, reconstruct or realign the Nassau Mills Road Bridges over the Otonabee River and Trent Severn Water Way to increase capacity, develop a stormwater management plan for the study area, develop a sanitary sewage servicing plan and develop a plan to address emerging congestion along Nassau Mills Road and Water Street with short term and longer term solutions. 

Official Plan Review

The City of Peterborough is undertaking an Official Plan Review in order to update the planning principles and policies that will determine how our City grows and develops over the next 20 years.

Parkway Corridor EA

The City of Peterborough is undertaking an integrated Municipal Class Environmental Assessment study (EA Study) for the entire Parkway Corridor

Parkhill Road West/Wallis Drive Reconstruction

Improvements to Parkhill Road West were identified in the Environmental Assessment Study approved in April 2012.  Improvements to Parkhill Road West will be completed in two phases.

Pioneer Road Reconstruction

The city is currently in the design phase for a servicing and road reconstruction project on Pioneer Road.

Reid-Park Neighbourhood Plan

The City is currently undergoing a Neighbourhood Plan in the area of Reid and Park.

Retail Market Analysis

The purpose of the Retail Market Analysis is to provide an updated retail market analysis to review the current structure and justify the need for additional retail and commercial space in the City of Peterborough.

Trans-Canada Trail

The construction of Phase 2 of the Trans-Canada Trail link from the west end of Maria Street to Rogers Cove Park is scheduled to begin construction in mid August of this year.

Trent Research and Innovation Park

The City of Peterborough, in partnership with Trent University, is developing the Trent Research and Innovation Park.

Urban Forest Strategic Plan

The goal of the Urban Forest Strategic Plan is to review and update the 1988 policy and to begin the process of long term strategic planning.

Urban Park at Louis Street

The City of Peterborough will be developing an Urban Park on Charlotte Street in the Downtown Core. The site includes Louis Street and the Louis Street municipal surface parking lot. The Urban Design Study is complete and includes the City Council approved conceptual design. The detailed design for Charlotte Street between Aylmer and Water Street and the Urban Park is scheduled for completion in 2015, followed by the first phase of construction in 2016.

Vision 2025 - A 10-Year Strategic Plan for Recreation, Parks, Arenas, and Culture

The City of Peterborough has contracted with the Rethink Group, specialists in leisure services planning and management, to prepare a 10-year strategic plan for recreation, parks, arenas and culture.  

Waste Management Master Plan

In 2012, the City created a Waste Management Master Plan as a guide for managing its solid waste over the next 20 years.  The guiding principle of this document is to minimize waste and optimize the use of the City's diversion and disposal facilities. The Plan is subject to review every 5 years, the first review to be initiated in 2017.

Webber Avenue and Rye Street Urbanization and Harper Creek North Reach Class EA 

The City of Peterborough is preparing to undertake a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment to prepare a plan for urbanization of Webber Avenue and Rye Street, between Harper Road and Lansdowne Street West.  The Environmental Assessment will also assess the requirements to remove fish barriers along the north reach of Harper Creek and develop a long-term protective strategy

View all Archived City Projects.  Note that this list is not exhaustive and only contains completed projects past 2010 (unless requested).