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Provincial Offence Ticket Options

What are my options if I receive an Offense Notice (ticket)?

You must choose one of the 3 options listed on the back of your ticket within 15 days. If you fail to respond to the charge, you will be convicted.  Additional costs will be applied.

Option 1:  Plea of Guilty - Voluntary payment .

You are stating that you are guilty and you must pay the amount listed in the Total Payable box at the bottom of your ticket.  You can pay the fine in person at any court office in the province of Ontario, through the internet at, by telephone during regular business hours,  or by mail.  Payment can be made by cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, debit card, money order or cheque.   If you are paying through the mail, your cheque or money order should be made payable to “City of Peterborough”.  Please write your ticket number on your cheque or money order. NOTE: When you mail your payment, you assume the consequences if, for any reason, the payment is not received by the Court Office by the due date.  Dishonoured cheques will be subject to an administrative charge which will be required to be paid in addition to the fine. 

For your protection, do not send cash in the mail.

Option 2:  Plea of Guilty - Submission as to penalty.

If you do not wish to dispute the charge but you want to ask for a lesser fine amount  or more time to pay the fine, you can appear before the Justice of the Peace.  You must come to the POA Court office at the location listed on your ticket.  The Justice of the Peace cannot:

  • Reduce the charge
  • Remove or reduce the demerit points
  • Proceed with this option if you are not willing to plead “guilty” to the charge noted on your ticket

Note:  The Ministry of Transportation applies demerit points based on a conviction for certain type of charges and the court has no authority to intervene.

Option 3:  Trial Option

If you believe you are not guilty of the charge noted on your ticket or if you want to discuss the circumstances regarding your being issued a ticket, you must sign the back of the ticket under Option 3 and deliver the ticket to the court office in person or by mail.  Please verify your address on the front of the ticket and note any changes to your address in the area located under the signature line.

Once the court receives your signed request, we will automatically schedule you a meeting with the Municipal Prosecutor.  You will be notified of your upcoming meeting or trial by mail.  At the resolution meeting, the Prosecutor will listen to your comments and refer to the officer’s notes before making a decision about offering you a reduced charge.  If you are unable to come to the meeting on the date assigned to you, you can call us and we will reschedule.  Should the decision made by the Prosecutor not be to your satisfaction, a trial date will be scheduled for you.    

Can I get more advice on which option to choose?

Court Administration staff are not lawyers and they are not permitted to offer legal advice on how you should proceed.  If you are unable to make a choice from the 3 options listed, you may wish to get advice from a lawyer or licensed paralegal. 

What happens if I don’t choose an option and do nothing?

The charge will be placed on a Fail to Respond docket and a Justice of the Peace will review the Certificate of Offence and may convict you in absentia. Once you have been convicted, it is too late to choose any of the options indicated on the ticket.