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Services offered by the Planning Division include the processing of plans of subdivision, zoning, official plan amendments and site plans. The Division's services also include development related engineering, such as lot grading and stormwater management. The Planning Division's scope of responsibilities include urban design such as downtown streetscapes, parks planning and the development of the City's Industrial Parks.

The Committee of Adjustment, which considers minor variance and severance matters is also administered by the Planning Division. City Council, other boards, commissions and departments are advised through the Planning Division of applications to change the Official Plan, Zoning by-law, Housing Policy and other planning documents.

The Planning Division is responsible for the following areas:

  1. Official Plan Policy Development
    To ensure current and up-to-date land use and long range planning policies of the Official Plan. Responsibilities include Official Plan updates and secondary plan initiatives.
  2. Current Planning Operations
    Process applications for amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law, including minor variances to the Zoning By-Law.
  3. Subdivisions
    Process applications focussing on the subdivision of land, including associated Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments. Responsibilities also include related engineering services, including the review and approval of servicing plans, lot grading and drainage reports and subdivision agreements.
  4. Urban Design
    Includes urban design project planning, such as downtown streetscape, site plan control applications, condominium approval and parks planning.  More information regarding Site Plan Submission Requirements available here. 
  5. Committee of Adjustment
    Process applications for the Committee of Adjustment for minor variances to the Zoning By-Law and the severance of land.  More information is available here.  
  6. General
    Primary source for information related to population and demographics, retailing information, population and housing demand projections and residential land inventories.