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About Us

Picture displaying collaborationDataSHARE Peterborough is collaborative group in the greater Peterborough area, working together to support analytic best practices and commit to not duplicate each other's work.

Terms of Reference


  1. To collaborate as data specialists in order to better understand local City and County of Peterborough statistics.
  2. To monitor trends and create essential community documents and reports.
  3. To coordinate projects involving local data in order to maximize our capacity.
  4. To share local analyses so that work on local statistics is not duplicated.
  5. To develop processes for the sharing of local data.
  6. To share in the cost of the data for the Peterborough Data Consortium (PDC).


All members must be community research-minded individuals who come with significant local data and analysis resources. Membership will exclude those who are there for profit (e.g. consultants).

Possible community organizations who could be approached for membership in DataSHARE Peterborough are listed below. Organizations listed with a * may further choose to participate in the PDC, subject to the terms of the Community Data Program. Members of the PDC will be expected to share in the costs of the data purchase. The PDC is a sub-committee of DataSHARE Peterborough.


Decision Making

This group follows a consensus model. Ideas, strategies, and plans are discussed openly by those present. Individual agencies retain control over their own work.


The members of this group shall elect a set of co-chairs for a two-year term alternately responsible for each meeting, renewable for one additional term.

Agendas and Minutes

The co-chair responsible will send out the agenda 5 business days prior to the meeting. Additions to agenda to be submitted to the Chairs at least 6 days prior to the meeting.

Minutes will be taken at the meetings, by the co-chair (with the ability to delegate), and will be available to all members 10 business days after the meeting.


  • Will be held quarterly at a minimum with the ability to schedule more as needed.
  • Will be scheduled in advance for the entire upcoming year by the chair.
  • Will take place the first Tuesday of the month from 1 - 3 pm.
  • Will involve at least 1 presentation regarding a local data initiative. This can involve a plan of action for a future data project, a summary of current projects in-progress, a detailed data analysis of a local project, an overview of results from a recently completely project, etc.
  • Will end with a round table: What have you been working on? What do you plan to work on in the next quarter? Do you know of, or have access to, any recently released data that may be pertinent to the group?


These terms of reference will be reviewed after the first year and every two years thereafter in September.