•  Blue boxes are $3.00 including tax.
  • Only proper Blue Boxes (14-, 18-, and 22- gal) should be used for setting recyclables to the curb.
  • Sort materials into two (2) streams (see Materials list).
  • Blue Boxes no greater than 22 kg (50 lb) in weight when full. 
  • No free replacement for lost/stolen or damaged Blue Boxes.  Purchase Price $3.00 including tax
  • Recyclable materials are banned from garbage.
  • Set out recycling no earlier than 6:00 pm the night before or no later than 7:00 am the morning of your collection.
Q. How do I dispose of shredded papers?
A. Shredded papers can be placed out for curbside collection with your blue box. Placed in a clear plastic bag and tied closed.

Q. My recycling was not collected. Who do I call?
A. For issues regarding recycling collection, please call the Recycling Collection Contractor at 705-742-4268.

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