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Vision 2025 - A 10-Year Strategic Plan for Recreation, Parks, Arenas and Culture

The City of Peterborough has contracted with the Rethink Group, specialists in leisure services planning and management, to prepare a 10-year strategic plan for recreation, parks, arenas and culture.  

Key Aspects of the Project

The Plan will include an analysis of:

  • how leisure services are provided,
  • policies and practices,
  • programming, festivals and events,
  • indoor and outdoor facilities,
  • parks and open space,
  • leisure trends and best practices, 
  • the way leisure services are funded and
  • current and future demand.

The nature of the Peterborough and area community will be examined, along with anticipated population growth and change over the next decade and beyond.

Current demand for leisure services will be researched, past trends analyzed and future demand predicted.  The gap between supply and demand will be identified, and the future gap predicted.  The Plan will build upon identified strengths and opportunities, and address deficiencies and challenges (current and future).

An important objective of the Plan is to explore ways to reduce overlap, improve efficiency, optimize resources, and seek new sources of revenue and funding.  In part, this will be accomplished by exploring opportunities for increased collaboration, co-operation, communication, sharing and joint ventures among the many agencies and groups who are directly and indirectly involved in providing culture, recreation and sport services.

Another important output of Vision 2025 will be a strategy to increase the strength and capacity of volunteers who are an essential element in the provision of leisure services throughout the community.

Community and Stakeholder Consultation

Input from residents, community leaders, service providers and other stakeholders will be influential in the development of Vision 2025.  The following input opportunities are included:

  • On-line household survey (completed),
  • User group survey (ongoing),
  • Survey of volunteer-based groups and services (completed),
  • Forum for volunteer-based groups (completed),
  • Forum for Municipal staff (completed),
  • Call for submissions and briefs from groups and individuals (throughout the process), 
  • Stakeholders forum (completed), 
  • Forum for culture and recreation service providers in the townships (completed),
  • Workshops and larger forums with culture and recreation groups (completed),
  • Key informant interviews (individuals, groups, agencies, ongoing),
  • Two session with Peterborough City Council (upcoming),  
  • Sessions with the three Committees of Council that relate to this service area (one completed),
  • Community-wide forum to review the evolving Plan (near the end of the process).

The Plan will include a Background Report, Guiding Principles, a twenty-year Vision for leisure services, a 10-year Strategic Action Plan and supplemental recommendations to augment the Action Plan.

Progress (mid December)

Community and Stakeholder Consultation Program

As of mid December, the stakeholder and community consultation has been largely completed and is being tabulated. Analysis will soon be initiated.  Through the ten forums and workshops, three surveys, 50 key informant interviews and half a dozen submissions, over 1,200 individuals, groups and agencies were consulted. At 2.5 people per household, the main survey represented close to 2,100 residents.  The many groups and agencies that provide sport, recreation, arts, culture and heritage services that were consulted represent many thousands of residents from Peterborough and the surrounding area.  We are confident that this input from community leaders, service providers, volunteer-based groups and resident will be representative of the community. 

Other Research and Analysis

Other research and analysis that is underway includes:

  • The profile of the Peterborough and area community;
  • Population growth and change projections;
  • Leisure trends and best practices;
  • Parks and open space inventory;
  • Facility use analysis;
  • Programming and community events;
  • The providers of recreation, sports, arts, culture and heritage services;
  • Volunteering in Peterborough; and
  • Funding leisure services.

Staying Connected

Vision 2025 is connected to five complementary active initiatives: i) Age-Friendly Communities, ii) Healthy Kids Challenge, iii) The Peterborough County Active Transportation Strategy, iv) Activate Peterborough City and County, and v) The City-County Municipal Access to Recreation group.