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Covered Pavilions

Peterborough is home to three covered pavilions that are great facilities to host family reunions, picnics, company picnics, anniversary celebrations, weddings, showers, birthday parties and Special Events. All three have hydro sources and Beavermead and Nicholls Oval have water sources. 

Permitting Process:

The City of Peterborough is pleased to offer more than 103 public parks and sports fields for your enjoyment. When inquiring about the availability of a venue and receiving indication that it is available does not secure this request.  The permitting process requires that a written request form be submitted to the Recreation Division.  Staff will review the request and pending availability will process the booking.  The user will then receive a Contract Agreement, which must be signed and returned to the Recreation Division along with payment. Only once the agreement has been signed, returned and paid in full is the booking official.  You will then receive a permit to confirm your rental. This is the process for all permitting bookings in City facilities.


Please note that all City Parks and sports facilities are smoke free. As of July 1, 2018, this will also include vaping and medicinal marjuana. Smoking in parks and sports fields could result in a $305.00 fine, as Peterborough Police and Public Health Tobacco Enforcement officers will be enforcing the rules in parks this summer.

Picnic Tables
When users would like to have the picnic tables unchained for their event, so that they can set the picnic tables in their own format, this is allowed. Users will be asked to come in the week of their event, no sooner and bring in a $25.00 (cash or cheque) deposit to pick up the key to unchain the picnic tables.  The tables must be moved back to their original location and the chain placed around the picnic tables and locked when the event is done. Once they return the key to the Recreation Division and the Pavilion has been checked at the deposit will be returned.

Alcohol is not allowed in any City Parks unless permission has been given by the Recreation Division. The City of Peterborough does have a Municipal Alcohol Policy that would need to be adhered to and a process to be followed. Special Event Monitors, seasonal staff that work for the Recreation Division, work on weeknights and weekends, so that special events, league and tournament play can be monitored. 

Users may inquire about dates through phone calls or emails, but bookings will not be processed unless the appropriate Request forms have been completed and sent in to the Recreation Division. 

Refunds and Cancelations
If an organizer cancels their event 2 weeks prior to the event date, they will receive a refund. If the organizer cancels their event within the 2 dates before their event date, they will not receive a refund.


Beavermead Pavilion
This pavilion is located in Beavermead Park on Ashburnham Drive. The pavilion has a covered top and one side is enclosed with a wall barrier. There 32 picnic tables that are chained together inside the pavilion for the renters use. There is water source attached to the pavilion and hydro is available. Washrooms are available in the park. All events require Special Event Insurance, which the Recreation Division can provide at reasonable cost. The Pavilion rental does not include the sports fields in Beavermead Park. The sport fields and the beach volleyball courts can be booked for a fee. 

Nicholls Oval Pavilion
This pavilion is located in Nicholls Oval Park on Armour Road. The pavilion has a covered top and one side is enclosed with a wall barrier. There are 32 picnic tables that are chained together inside the pavilion for the renters use. A water source is available at the washroom building and hydro is available. All events require Special Event Insurance, which the Recreation Division can provide at a reasonable cost. the Pavilion rental does not include the rugby field in the Park. This park also has a creative splash pad, open to all the community.

Heritage Pavilion
This pavilion is located in Ashburnham Memorial Park and is located beside the Peterborough Museum and Archives. The Pavilion includes 15 large picnic tables and hydro. An accessible portable washroom is available for use at all times. The Pavilion has a covered roof and wooden sides that are open.

This is an excellent site for weddings and special events and has a beautiful background for pictures. If the user would like to use a higher end portable washroom, the Recreation Division will make the arrangements and the cost will be added to the rental fee. The washrooms in the Museum are only open during the regular business hours. On weekends, the Museum is open from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Users may bring in their own chairs, tables and decorations for their event, as long as the site is restored to its original state with the picnic tables inside the Pavilion. Any rehearsals for weddings must be booked as well.

Most events require Special Event Insurance, which the Recreation Division can provide at a reasonable cost. For any group that is having a barbecue at the Heritage Pavilion, they are required to bring a small fire extinguisher to their event or one may be rented from the Recreation Division.

The Heritage Pavilion has a delightful location close to the famous Peterborough Lift Locks and Parks Canada Visitor Centre.


Beavermead Pavilion

Heritage Pavilion


The 2018  rates for renting the pavilions are as follows:

People Attending Picnic/Event:  Rate: Tax
Up to 50 people 
  7.95       $69.15   
51 to 75 people  
$73.29       9.52      $82.80   
76 to 100 people $97.92       12.72     $110.65   
101 to 200 people $122.04       


200 + people $159.12      20.68     $179.80   
Application Form

If you would like to rent a Pavilion for a special event or picnic please complete the following form and return to the Recreation Division:

Picnic - Special Event Request Form

* Please note that many other City Parks can be booked for picnics or special events too.  Simply fill out the above form to request another park to rent.

 Signage  Yes
 Parking  Yes
 Playground  Nicholls Oval, Heritage Pavilion & Beavermead all have playgrounds