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Walking and Cycling

The City of Peterborough develops and maintains a network of pedestrian and cycling facilities, and supports a number of programs that encourage the use of active transportation. The Active Transportation By-Law dictates where active transportation users, such as skateboarders and cyclists, are permitted to travel in the City.  The chart that was created from the by-law indicates what uses are permitted where.  All sidewalks, cycling lanes and paved multi-use trails are maintained throughout the winter.

 Locations Where can a bicycle travel?
 Image of a bicycle

Where can a bicycle-style E-Bike travel?
 Image of a Bicycle-style E-Bike

Where can a scooter-style E-Bike travel?
 Image of a Scooter-Style E-Bike

Where can in-line skates, rollerblades & skateboards travel?

 Image of a Skateboard

Image of a Trail
Multi-Use Trail

 Yes  Yes, if being pedaled  No Yes 

Image of a Sidewalk Sidewalk (not Downtown)

 No (unless you are under 14 years of age) No  No Yes 

Image of a downtown Sidewalk

Sidewalk (downtown)


No No No

Image of a Bike Lane

Bicycle Lane

Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes (unless signed otherwise)

Image of a Road


Yes  Yes  Yes  No (unless signed otherwise)


The Sidewalk Policy requires that sidewalks be provided on both sides of new and reconstructed streets.  Where sidewalks are missing along existing streets, sidewalks are provided according to need as identified in the Sidewalk Strategic Plan.  Each year, about 2 km of new sidewalks are installed along existing streets.  In addition, intersection and mid-block crossing points are upgraded or added to improve the ease and safety that pedestrians can cross the road.


Bike Parking

Do you manage an apartment building or place of employment?  We have information on how to provide bike parking at your building, what to look for in a bike rack, where to buy one and where to position it for installation.  For more information, contact Susan Sauve at 705-742-7777 ext. 1485.

Where Do People Walk and Cycle Locally?

Many walkers, runners and cyclists use an app called Strava to record their activities, compare performance over time, compete with their community, and share the photos, stories and highlights of their activities with friends.  The City of Peterborough is a community member of Strava and this allow you to see all the data collected in maps.  These maps are an indication of where people are walking and cycling the most in the City and County of Peterborough.  We are also collecting data at several trail locations using Eco-Counters and each year count cyclists and pedestrians at several locations throughout the City.  The data is used to evaluate infrastructure improvements and trends in walking and cycling.

Cycling Network

The cycling network includes multi-use trails, on-road cycling lanes, marked cycling routes and share the road signs.  Directional signage is provided throughout the system to aid cyclists using the network.  In 2017, there are many projects underway including:

Rotary Greenway Trail – 

Lighting will be added on the Rotary Greenway Trail Link between Water Street and the main trail near Whittington Drive.  This project is made possible by a donation through the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough.

Design work is underway to improve the crossing of Parkhill Road by Benson Avenue on the Rotary Greenway Trail Link.

George Street and Water Street – The cycling lanes will be extended from Hunter Street to Perry Street and the Water Street cycling lanes will extend from Sherbrooke Street to Hunter Street.  Cycling lanes will also be provided on Sherbrooke Street between George Street and Water Street. 

Parkhill Road – Parkhill Road is being reconstructed between Wallis Drive and Ackinson Road over several years.  The road design includes a multi-use trail on the north side of the road between Ackinson Road and the trail link to Jackson Park and on-road cycling lanes east of the trail access. 

How to Use Cycling Lanes

A new brochure has been created providing information for cyclists and drivers on how to use bike lanes, including the green pavement markings.  Contact Susan Sauve for printed copies.

Additional information is found on the Peterborough Moves website which is a partnership between the City of Peterborough, GreenUP and Peterborough Public Health.