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I used to be a father and a family man, who worked hard for his family. At the age of 18, I developed a horrible addiction to cocaine, methamphetamine and alcohol. This was after 20 years of relatively "normal" drinking and using habits.

At the age of 37, after going to jail and losing my driving license I could not hold work for too long. My spirit was dying, I had no hope and I believed I had no future.

"Quite Simply I was broken."

When I came to Peterborough I was willing to do anything I had to in order to save my life. That is when Ontario Works Addiction Services came into my life. The addiction worker went to extraordinary lengths to get to know me and my addiction issues. She showed me how to recover with the programs that they have to offer. From 1:1 counselling (FourCAST and AA) to taking cooking classes and attending the Y (Health Unit Come Cook with Us program). She personally came to my one year medallion ceremony.

Before I couldn't live in my own skin. I had to drink or use. I'm happier today than I've ever been and I am on track to reclaim my life. Thank you Ontario Works.

Written and submitted by a brave member of our client community.