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Ontario Works

About Ontario Works

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:15 AM - 4:30 PM

If you are in temporary financial need for food, shelter, or other benefits, Ontario Works may be able to help with some or all of the following: 

  • Provide you with money for food
  • Help you find a job
  • Avoid eviction
  • Avoid disconnection of hydro or heating service

To be eligible to receive help from Ontario Works you must:

  • live in Ontario and have status in Canada,
  • need money right away to help pay for food and housing costs

You may also have to take part in activities that will help you find a job depending on your situation.

How Ontario Works Can Help You

If you qualify, Ontario Works can provide you with:

  • Financial assistance to help you cover the costs of food and housing cost
  • Employment assistance to help you prepare for and find a job.

The amount of money you may receive from Ontario Works will depend on your:

  • Family size
  • Other income
  • Assets (property, investments, other money available to you)
  • The cost of your housing, heat, and hydro

Contact Ontario Works at (705) 748-8830 for more information.

Visit our Programs & Services page for information on other types of financial assistance and supports. 

For more information about your Ontario Works payments including your next payment or case status, please contact the Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
Call 1 (800) 808-2268 or view the Interactive Voice Response Brochure.

Ontario Works Update 
The Transition Child Benefit provides assistance if you are receiving social assistance and:
     - Have children under 18 years of age and,
     - Are not receiving the Ontario Child Benefit or the National Child Benefit Supplement, or 
     - Are receiving less than the maximum amount of the Ontario Child Benefit or National Child Benefit for any of your children

The amount of Transition Child Benefit you receive depends on how much money you get for the Ontario Child Benefit and the NCBS. Your caseworker can explain how the Transition Child Benefit is calculated.

For more information, read the Information Sheet. 

Black-White Bus

Subsidized City Bus Passes

If you are an Ontario Works adult living in the City or County of Peterborough and not getting funding for transportation with your monthly OW payment, you may be eligible to get a subsidized monthly City transit pass.
To get a low-cost bus pass bring your OW or ODSP statement of assistance for the current month with your drug or dental card to the City bus station at 190 Simcoe Street. When these items are shown you will pay $26 to get a 30 day pass.

Recent Changes to Ontario Works and You

Ontario's new $200 earnings exemption is increasing opportunities for people receiving social assistance to work. Click here to see examples what this can mean for you. If you have any questions, please speak to your case manager or employment counsellor. 

Ontario Works Payment Dates

Month:  January 2016
February 2016 March 216
April 2016
May 2016
June 2016
Direct deposit statements / cheques received by:  Dec 31, 2015
January 29
February 29
March 31
April 29
May 31