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Funding Opportunities

2016 Wage Enhancement Applications

2016 Wage Enhancement applications are now closed.  Late applications will not be considered for 2016 funding.  Applications are currently being reviewed with first payments anticipated to flow to eligible operators in June.  2016 Business Guidelines have been updated to reflect current Financial Reporting requirements. Please be sure to download the version below and review Appendix F for the most recent changes. 

2016 Centre Based Business Guidelines -Updated April 2016

2016 Home Child Care Business Guidelines - Updated April 2016


What to know before you apply:

2016 Q and A
2016 Application changes Chart


Need Assistance?

The City of Peterborough is required, under the provincial guidelines, to provide a process in order to manage public inquiries related to the Wage Enhancement initiative. If you have any questions regarding the Wage Enhancement process and/or the completion of the 2016 Wage Enhancement application, please contact: 

Jenny Vreugdenhil
Information Management Assistant, Children’s Services
705-748-8830 ext. 3222 
705-742-7777 ext. 1873

Wage Enhancement Inquiry Form  which is to be completed for more significant inquiries related to the following areas:
1. Inquiries regarding the payment of Wage Enhancement for a child care staff
2. Inquiries that are reporting the misuse of wage enhancement funding for a child care site
Individuals wishing to report an issue in one of these areas are to complete the Wage Enhancement Inquiry Form and submit it to Jenny Vreugdenhil.
All inquiries will be responded to, in writing, within 15 business days.


*New* Supplemental Grant: 

The Ministry is providing a supplemental grant of $150 for each eligible centre based FTE or home visitor FTE and $50 for each eligible home child care provider. The supplemental grant provides operators with flexibility to cover salary shortfalls, and/or additional benefits. The grant can be used to fund additional eligible staff and/or hours in program, vacation days, sick days, PD days and/or other benefits.

*New* Wage Enhancement Administration Funding: 

The ministry has provided a small amount of administration funding that the City of Peterborough will allocate to support operators in the implementation of 2016 Wage Enhancement/HCCEG. Details regarding allocation amounts available to distribute will be messaged to operators when they become available.

What is Provincial Wage Enhancement?

The 2014 Provincial budget included an investment of $269 million over three years to support a wage enhancement in the licensed child care sector. The wage enhancement will benefit low-income child care program staff in the sector, help retain Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs), and support access to stable, high-quality child care programs for children in Ontario.

In 2015, the wage enhancement supported an increase of up to $1 per hour, plus 17.5 percent benefits to eligible applicants.  In addition, the Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG) supported an increase of up to $10 per day for licensed home child care providers.

To support the government’s vision for a system of responsive, high-quality, accessible, and increasingly integrated early years programs and services, the province is investing an additional $16.3 million in child care in 2016 through the child care funding formula.

Effective January 1, 2016, consistent with the government’s commitment, the wage enhancement will support an increase of up to $2 per hour, plus 17.5 percent benefits. In addition, the Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG) will support an increase of up to $20 per day in 2016 for home child care providers. 

For more information, check out the following links

Premier of Ontario New Release 

Minister of Education Backgrounder

Additional information can be found in the Premier of Ontario’s news release and the Ministry of Education’s backgrounder on the wage enhancement. 


Purchase of Service Agreements

Woman Typing on KeyboardThe City of Peterborough purchases child care services on behalf of subsidy eligible families from licensed child care centres in the city and county of Peterborough. Child care agencies with an established purchase of service agreement are eligible to have their agreement reviewed once a calendar year.

A service contract for fee assistance is available to agencies that meet the following criteria:
  • Possess a current license issued by the Ministry of Education;
  • Complete and submit all the required paperwork and financial information;
  • Have been in operation for a minimum of one year;
  • Have access to the internet and have an active business email address;
  • Provide services to residents of the City or County of Peterborough.

Any service provider who meets the criteria as defined above may make a request to enter into a Purchase of Service Agreement.  The service provider will be required to complete a Purchase of Service Application as well as all present all required documentation to Children's Services.  Once all documents and application  is completed and submitted, the Children's Services Program Manager will review the package. The decision to enter into an agreement or not is at the discretion of the Program Manager and is dependent on available funding and local need.

Prior to approving a Purchase of Service application, the Program Manager will schedule a site visit to meet the operator and view the site.

Once all the eligibility criteria have been met, the Program Manager may enter into an agreement with the service provider.

Operating Criteria Handbook for Child Care Service Providers


For more information, related to the renewal of your Purchase of Service Agreement Contract, contact:
Social Services Administrative Assistant (705) 748 8830 ext. 3226
If you are a new operator and are interested in applying for a Purchase of Service Agreement with the City of Peterborough, contact:
Children’s Services Program Manager (705) 748 8830 ext. 3495

At this time there is a temporary suspension on all new Purchase of Service Agreements with licensed child care programs due to funding pressures and the impact from the transition of 4 and 5 year olds to full day kindergarten.