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Take the Rain-Gain Challenge

Right now, 25% of the city has some form of stormwater treatment under municipal care. The City is working to maintain what we have, and to expand stormwater management policies and activities to more areas. In newer parts of the city, stormwater flows over roadways and through underground pipes to storm ponds that hold the water along with the pollution it has picked up along the way. The City currently owns and operates over 30 storm ponds (mainly in newer parts of the City), and is legally obliged to maintain them. They are shown on the map. Many private property owners are also already managing stormwater on their property.

Imagine if we could cover the map with dots to show our collective activities as we rethink the rain?

Small Changes Directly Improve Water Quality


Don’t use roadside grates (catch-basins) for waste disposal.


Don’t let soapy water from car washing, oil change residues, and pesticides run off of your property.


Clean up pet waste (please!).


Call the City to report water pollution, blocked catchbasins or drainage pipes.


Talk to neighbours, the City, and organizations like GreenUp for ideas on how you can rethink the rain.


Take unused medications and household chemicals to the Household Hazardous Waste Depot on Pido Road.

The Challenge is On!

Make sure your downspouts drain onto grassed areas (away from the basement wall!).


Install a rain barrel.

Visit the Green Up store to purchase a rain barrel and take advantage of rebates offered by Peterborough Utilities!


Landscape your yard so that rain can soak away.


Install permeable pavers (surfaces that let the water sink into the ground) on walkways, patios, and even driveways.


Plant a native tree.

Map Your Actions and Win!

Make one, two, or many changes that will reduce and clean stormwater.

When you take action, let us know. Map it yourself, or we can add it for you.

You’ll have a chance to win great prizes and improve our water resources. Together, we can gain from the rain.