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Rethink the Rain

Deluge, downfall, downpour, drizzle, sleet, storm, sprinkle, shower.

All of these terms are about rain. In technical terms, stormwater is the name given to rain and melted snow when it hits and flows along the ground. The water that comes from storms is the same water that flows either to stormwater management ponds in newer parts of the City or, more often it flows directly into our waterways carrying with it pollution that has been picked up along the way. This is the same water that is eventually treated and used for drinking water and other human purposes, flushed to wastewater plants and returned to our waterways. It's one water.  Learn more about the cycle of water within our community.

Community water cycle

More frequent, high-intensity rain events that sometimes cause flooding are happening because of ongoing climate change. Flood risks can be reduced if residents, businesses, and government take action to slow the flow and retain the rain. Capturing stormwater not only reduces flood risks, but also helps to remove pollution that has washed off of hard surfaces before it hits our waterways so we can safely enjoy our water resources. Did you know that if you put cigarette butts, oil, or medication into the roadside grates, it’s a one-way trip to our waterways?

Rain is a resource that can benefit people, the environment and the economy. It’s time to retrain our rain brain and gain!

Take the Rain Gain Challenge

Help is here to Rethink the Rain!