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10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan


Progress Report 2014

The Coverpage of the Housing and Homelessness Plan's Progress Report for 2014The Progress Report 2014 has been received by members of the Joint Services Steering Committee (on June 11, 2015). This report shows the first year's progress towards reaching the outcomes in the 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan for Peterborough (2014 to 2024).

It captures key accomplishments under nine (9) of the twenty (20) commitments set out in the Plan. They range from engaging people who use housing and homelessness support services to helping developers to plan and complete new affordable rental housing developments. Thanks to the contribution from internal and external stakeholders, this Progress Report provides an update on our work. A Source List document for the data included in the report is available for reference.

2014 is the "baseline year", which means that it is the year against which to compare future years' progress. A number of projects and initiatives began this year that are anticipated to make positive impacts in the future. In this way, the Progress Report 2014 emphasizes early stages of projects as opposed to long-term impacts. Long-term impacts will be measured in later years of the Progress Report.

Priority Action Items 2015

An image of the cover page of the 2015 Action Plan on the 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan for PeterboroughThe Priority Action Items, 2015 ("Action Plan") identifies eleven (11) of the twenty (20) commitments in the Plan that are priorities for this year. In addition, the City is advancing new ways of reporting, engaging the community, advocating to senior government and collaborating with other funders, which are consistent with the vision in the Plan.

The Action Plan is an evolving document and reflects pressure in the sector and opportunities created by other stakeholders and funders, while staying true to the original 20 commitments in the Plan. Continuous involvement of the Townships and the County of Peterborough, people with lived experience, community advocates, landlords and the broader public will help to ensure that our vision becomes a reality.


In 2014, the City of Peterborough, as the Service Manager for Housing and Social Services for the City and County of Peterborough, launched a 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan (the "Plan"). The Plan created a long-term vision and identified goals that reflect the distinct housing and homelessness-related issues and needs in the Peterborough region. It is a plan for housing and homeless programs and services for the next ten years.

In late 2013 the Plan was approved by City Council and endorsed by County Council. The Message from the Mayor acknowledges the role of the City as Service Manager for Housing and Social Services, and thanks participants who were involved in the Plan's development. 

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has implemented new legislation and released a Minister’s Housing Policy Statement articulating new provincial ‘interests’, which emphasize human services integration, evidence-based needs assessment and public accountability. Building Foundations; Building FuturesOntario's Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy outlines the province's plan for the future, with an emphasis on partnerships with municipalities and re-enforcing the need of flexible, long-term federal funding. It is a provincial requirement for municipalities responsible for housing to have a Plan in place by 2014.

Community Consultation and Engagement

To develop the Plan, a wide range of voices were heard.  Over 150 people were contacted through the consultation process with Tim Welch Consulting and Public Interest in 2013. Community engagement, along a local needs assessment, helped to ensure that the Plan was guided by the realities facing the City and County of Peterborough.

The City will continue to work with its partners, the Townships and County of Peterborough to find innovative ways to engage the community in implementing the commitments in the Plan.

Summary Needs Assessment 2013

The Summary Needs Assessment presents information that TWC Inc. developed before drafting the Plan. Many additional reports are available online, including the full Housing and Homelessness Needs Assessment.

Looking for more information?

Additional Resource documents are available through the Housing Division's Documents and Forms page and the Social Services Division's Reports and Research page.

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