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Community Wellbeing Plan

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, January 22, 2018
    Café Chat
    Join us for a Café Chat to share your ideas about how to improve our health and wellbeing.
  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018
    Discussion Over Dessert
    Join us at the Selwyn Public Library in Bridgenorth for a Discussion Over Dessert.
  • Wednesday, February 14, 2018
    Talk Over Tea
    Join us for a Talk Over Tea to discuss ideas about how to improve our democratic engagement.

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Who's Listening

Nancy Fischer
(705) 748-8830 Ext. 3814
Project Manager


About Us


Project Manager - Nancy Fischer  (Sr Program Analyst, Social Services)


  1. Facilitate Team/Committee Meetings
  2. Track budget
  3. Prepare Project Updates
  4. Track the progress of tasks and flag any potential problems
  5. Manage project communications
  6. Track status of project risks

Steering Committee


  • Larry Stinson, Director of Operations, Peterborough Public Health, Chair of the CWB Advisory Network
  • Ken Doherty, Director of Community Services
  • Sandra Clancy, Director of Corporate Services
  • Jeffrey Humble, Director of Planning
  • Linda Mitchelson, Manager of Social Services 
  • Bryan Weir, Director of Planning , County of Peterborough
  • Project Manager- Nancy Fischer - Sr Program Analyst
  • May require different membership when the action items are identified


  1. Oversee and approve scope, resources, timelines, and deliverables of the project
  2. Approve any variance to budget
  3. Provide resources required to complete project
  4. Make decisions regarding issues raised on the project
  5. Accountable to JSSC

Project Team


  • Nancy Fischer, Social Services
  • Chris Kawalec, Social services
  • Janet Sheward, CAO office
  • Sharron Hayton, Corporate Services
  • Susan Sauve, Transportation
  • Brad Appleby, Planning
  • Rob Anderson, Recreation
  • Manager of Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • Peter Williams, Police
  • Caren Thayer, Social Services 
  • Charmalee Sandanayake, Geomatics/Mapping


  1. Facilitates the project and makes day-to-day/operational level decisions about the project
  2. Develop project documents
  3. Assign tasks
  4. Identify and develop solutions for issues encountered during project
  5. Complete project tasks as assigned
  6. Lead/coordinate project work groups - thinking about consulting in focus areas but concerned we will miss the gaps