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2008-10-20 Committee of the Whole

Event date: Monday, October 20, 2008, at 2:14 PM
Location: General Committee Room

Agenda - Minutes

Committee of the Whole Agenda
October 20, 2008, at 5:15 PM - General Committee Room

Resolution to meet in Closed Session

Closed Session – 5:15 p.m. – General Committee Room

Municipal Act, 2001

1. Section 239(2)(b) Personal Matters About An Identifiable Individual, Including Municipal Or Local Board Employees
Report CSD08-015 - Appointment of a Deputy Fire Chief

2. Section 239(2)(a) The Security Of The Property Of The Municipality Or Local Board
Report CPFPRS08-019
Demolition of 1120 Water Street

Open Session – 5:45 p.m. in the General Committee Room

The Lords Prayer

Thirty Seconds Of Silent Prayer

National Anthem

3. Minutes of:
a) September 29, 2008
b) October 6, 2008

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest

Report of Caucus



Item Number 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

4. Senior Director of Corporate Services
Report CPFPRS08-017
2009 Reassessment and Phase-in Assessment Update

A report to update Council of the upcoming Province-wide reassessment and phase-in of assessment of all properties in the City of Peterborough.

5. Director of Utility Services
Report USTR08-023
Award of RFP P-27-08 Supply of Four High-Floor Lift Equipped Specialized Public Transit Vehicles

A report to recommend the award of RFP P-27-08, for the supply of four high-floor lift equipped specialized public transit vehicles to serve persons with disabilities and to return committed capital budget funds to reserve.

6. Director of Community Services
Report CSD08-016
Market Hall West Facade Restoration Update

A report providing an update to members of City Council on the restoration of the ground floor west façade of Market Hall.

7. CORRESP08-055
Municipality of Tweed
Provincial And Federal Reduction Of Taxes Associated With Roads, Petroleum Products And Excise

A resolution from the Municipality of Tweed petitioning For The Provincial And Federal Reduction Of Taxes Associated With Petroleum Products Including The Provincial Road Taxes And The Federal Excise Tax.

8. CORRESP08-056
City of Kingston
Hospital Funding and Property Taxes

A resolution from the City of Kingston petitioning the provincial government to increase funding for hospital beds and to compensate municipalities for lost taxes associated with post secondary institutions and hospitals exempt under provincial law.

9. CORRESP08-057
Township of Greater Madawaska
Municipal Property Assessment

A resolution from the Township of Greater Madawaska seeking support of their petition to the provincial government to review the service operations of the Property Assessment Corporation and to amend the property assessment model.

10. CORRESP08-058
Town of Hanover
Fairness for Ontario and Investment in Communities

A resolution from the Town of Hanover petitioning federal party leaders to bring Fairness To Ontario Through The Funding Of Employment Insurance, Equalization Programs, Infrastructure, Regional Economic Development, Job Loss, Housing And Homelessness And Immigration.

11. CORRESP08-059
Town of Fort Erie
Niagara Health System – Hospital Improvement Plan

A Resolution From The Town Of Fort Erie Supporting Efforts To Introduce A Private Member’s Bill Calling For The Public Election Of All Hospital Boards In The Province Of Ontario As Part Of The Municipal Elections Commencing In 2010.

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