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2005-11-28 Committee of the Whole

Event date: Monday, November 28, 2005, at 6:15 PM

Committee of the Whole Agenda
Caucus: November 28, 2005 at 6:15 PM - General Committee Room
Open Session: November 28, 2005 at 6:30 PM - General Committee Room

Caucus – 6:15 p.m. – General Committee Room

1. Personnel Matter

Open Session – 6:30 p.m. – Council Chambers

The Lord’s Prayer

Thirty Seconds Of Silent Prayer

National Anthem

2. Minutes of a) November 7, 2005

b) November 14, 2005

c) November 15, 2005

d) November 21, 2005

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest

Report of Caucus



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3. Presentation

Director of Community Services

Report CSCH05-026

CanadianCanoeMuseum Update

A report to advise Council that representatives of the Canadian Canoe Museum will provide an update at Committee of the Whole.

4. Manager of Community Partnerships and Family Services

Report SS05-024

Appendix A to Report SS05-024

Best Start Transition Plan 2005/06

A report requesting approval of the Best Start Transition Plan for 2006/06 developed by the Best Start Network and Nancy Draper Consultants.

5. Property Asset Manager

Report PLPD05-105

Purchase of Various Materials for the Completion of an Airport Taxiway

A report to recommend the approval for the purchase of materials necessary to complete the 2005 works on a general aviation taxiway.

6. Manager, Transportation Division

Report USTR05-016

Appendix A to Report USTR05-016

Traffic Technical Committee

A report to Council forwarding the recommendations of the Traffic Technical Committee from its meeting of November 10, 2005.

7. Manager, Transportation Division

Report USTR05-015

Supply of Parking Control Services

A report to Council recommending the purchase of contracted services in response to Request for Proposal No. P-31-05 Supply of Parking Control Services.

8. Manager, Transportation Division

Report USTR05-017

Appendix A to Report USTR05-017

Outbound Way Finding Signs

A report to obtain Council’s approval to install a series of Outbound Way finding direction signs in ten proposed locations within the City.

9. Manager, Transportation Division

Report USTR05-018

Tender T-43-05 – Replacement Vehicle for Parking Services

A report to Council recommending the award of Tender T-43-05 for a replacement parking services vehicle and introduce the first purchase of a hybrid vehicle to the City fleet.

10. Manager, Engineering & Construction Division

Report USEC05-056

AlymerStreetBridge (over JacksonCreek) Rehabilitation

A report seeking Council’s approval of the Preferred Alternative (Superstructure Replacement Only) for the rehabilitation of the Aylmer Street Bridge over Jackson Creek, as documented in the Environmental Screening Report dated November 2005 and approval to file Notice of Completion for the study in accordance with the Schedule “B” provisions of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment requirements.

11. Manager, Engineering & Construction Division

Report USEC05-057

Award of Class Environmental Assessment

Road Network Improvements in the Vicinity of the New Peterborough Regional Health Centre

A report to obtain Council’s approval to retain the consulting services of Earth Tech (Canada) Inc., to complete a Class Environmental Assessment Study for Road Network Improvements in the vicinity of the new Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

12. Manager, Engineering & Construction Division

Report USEC05-058

33 Parkview Drive

A report to obtain Council’s approval to permit the sale of property described as Part of Lot 19, Registered Plan 242, shown as Parts 1 and 2 on Reference Plan 45R-13533 to the abutting property owner at 33 Parkview Drive.

13. Manager of Public Works


Additional Funds for Asphalt Resurfacing

A report to obtain Council’s approval for additional funds for payment of asphalt resurfacing work awarded in Contract T-10-05.

14. Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Report FAFS05-043

The Supply and Delivery of Gasoline, Clear Diesel Fuel and Coloured Diesel Fuel

A report to award Co-operative Tender T-41-05 for the supply and delivery of approximately 4.3 million litres of gasoline and diesel fuel to the City of Peterborough and other co-operative partners to Upper Canada Fuels.

15. Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Report FAFS05-044

2006 Budget Timetable Revision

A report proposing the 2006 budget timetable be amended so that the new City Administrator can participate in all of the administrative review sessions.

16. Acting Director of Planning and Development Services

Report PLPD05-098

Dutton Road Access Option

A report to address concerns about the need for a second access to Dutton Road including the option of using Mill Street for such an access.

17. Councillor Rexe

Report COU05-018

Free Parking for Veterans

A report to explore the feasibility of providing free parking for veterans.

18. Councillor Rexe

Report COU05-019

Report on Consultant Expenditures

A report to identify the use, cost and distribution of consulting contracts in 2005.

19. CORRES05-017

Town of Midland

The Provincial Municipal Fiscal Gap

Correspondence requesting Council support of the Town of Midland resolution regarding concern over the Provincial-Municipal Fiscal Gap.

20. CORRES05-018

Dairy, Egg and Poultry Farmers of Ontario

Correspondence requesting Council adopt a resolution supporting Ontario’s dairy, poultry and egg farmers preservation of supply management and forward same to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Minister of International Trade and Prime Minister Martin.

21. Other Business

22. Adjournment