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2005-11-07 Committee of the Whole

Event date: Monday, November 07, 2005, at 5:45 PM

Committee of the Whole Agenda
Caucus: November 07, 2005 at 5:45 PM - General Committee Room
Open Session: November 07, 2005 at 6:30 PM - Council Chambers

Caucus – 5:45 p.m. – General Committee Room

1. Legal Matter

2. Property Matter

3. Legal Matter

Open Session – 6:30 p.m. – Council Chambers

The Lord’s Prayer

Thirty Seconds Of Silent Prayer

National Anthem

4. Minutes of a) October 17, 2005

b) October 24, 2005

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest

Report of Caucus



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5. Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Report FAFS05-041

OMERS Bill 206 Municipal Resolution

A report to request Council to pass a resolution expressing the City of Peterborough’s concerns with Bill 206.

6. Presentation

ActingCity Administrator

Report CAO05-012

PRHC Development Update

A report to advise Council that representatives of the PRHC will provide a development update at Committee of the Whole.

7. Acting Director of Planning and Development Services

Report PLHD05-096

Land Use Issues - Little LakeCemetery

A report to address the zoning and land use issues related to a proposed Visitation Centre at Little Lake Cemetery.

8. Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Report FAFS05-040

Rebates to Registered Charities

TrentValley Literacy Association

A report proposing to increase the tax rebate to registered charities from the current 40% level to a full 100% effective for the taxation year 2006 and after and to provide the 40% rebate to the Trent Valley Literacy Association retroactively for the years 2003-2005.

9. Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Report FAFS05-039

2006 Budget Guidelines

A report to present the 2006 budget guidelines and a summary of Council's 2006 priorities as established at the October 22, 2005 Budget Planning Session.

10. Director of Community Services

Report CSRS05-011

Design of New Soccer Complex

A report requesting approval to prepare a comprehensive design proposal for a new outdoor soccer field complex at Trent University.

11. Director of Human Resources

Report HR05-002

Employee Assistance Program Contract

A report to inform Council of the Employee Assistance Program (E.A.P.) contract proposals received under Request For Proposal No. P-23-05 and to gain approval to award this contract for a further two years.

12. Deputy Fire Chief & Community Emergency Management Coordinator

Report CSF05-07

Appendix A to Report CSF05-07

Emergency Plan (Revised) Approval

A report to recommend the approval of the Revised Emergency Plan for the City of Peterborough.

13. Manager of Public Works

Report USPW05-025

Communities in Bloom National Competition

A report to recommend approval from City Council for the City of Peterborough to enter into the 2006 Communities in Bloom National Competition.

14. Manager of Public Works

Report USPW05-026

Appendix A to Report USPW05-026

Smoke Testing of Sanitary Sewers

A report to bring Council up to date on the costs of the Smoke Testing Program for Sanitary Sewers in the City of Peterborough as recommended in the Flood Reduction Master Plan.

15. Transportation Manager

Report USTR05-012

Appendix A to Report USTR05-012

Resolution to MTO for 2005 Transit Vehicle Capital Funding

A report to request that a resolution of Council be forwarded to the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario for 2005 funding under the Ontario Transit Vehicle Program.

16. Director of Utility Services

Report USTR05-014

2005 Downtown Christmas Parking Promotion

A report to Council recommending approval of the proposal from the Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) for a parking promotion program during the 2005 pre-Christmas prime downtown retail-shopping period.

17. Manager of Environmental Protection

Report USES05-010

Request for Proposal (Document No. P-26-05) For Sludge Mixing, Loading, Hauling and Application

A report to recommend the award of a 3-year contract for the mixing, loading, hauling and application of sludge on agricultural land.

18. Manager, Engineering and Construction Division

Report USEC05-055

Vertical Control Network (Q-15-05)

A report seeking Council’s approval to award Quotation Q-15-05 for the establishment of a new Vertical Control (Benchmark) Network within the City of Peterborough.

19. Manager, Engineering and Construction Division

Report USEC05-054

Parkhill Road Sewage Pumping Station Upgrades (T-32-05)

A report seeking Council’s approval to award a construction contract for capacity upgrades to the Parkhill Road Sewage Pumping Station.

20. Acting Director of Planning and Development Services

Report PLPD05-097

MajorBennettIndustrial Park – Completion of Stormwater Management Works

A report to obtain Council’s approval to award a contract for the completion of stormwater management works within the Major Bennett Industrial Park.

21. Director of Social Services

Report SS05-023

Community Counselling and Resource Centre

A report requesting approval to provide Provincial Homelessness Initiative Funding (PHIF) to the Housing Resource Centre (HRC) for their Emergency Assistance Fund.

22. City Solicitor

Report OCS05-006

A Report Regarding the Regulation of Election Signage

A report to provide a review and recommendations respecting the regulation of the placement and removal of election campaign signs on public property.

23. CORRESP05-016

Peterborough Lakefield Police Services Board

Correspondence requesting a staff report regarding the possible use of red light cameras.

24. Other Business

25. Adjournment