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2005-06-27 Committee of the Whole

Event date: Monday, June 27, 2005, at 5:00 PM

Committee of the Whole Agenda
Caucus: June 27, 2005 at 5:00 PM - General Committee Room
Open Session: June 27, 2005 at 6:30 PM - Council Chambers

Caucus – 5:00 p.m. – General Committee Room

1. Personnel Matter

2. Personnel Matter

3. Legal Matter

4. Property Matter

5. Property Matter

6. Property Matter

7. Property Matter

Open Session – 6:30 p.m. – Council Chambers

The Lord’s Prayer

Thirty Seconds Of Silent Prayer

National Anthem

8. Minutes of a) June 6, 2005

b) June 13, 2005

c) June 20, 2005

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest

Report of Caucus



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9. Heritage Preservation Officer

Report CSCH05-017

Heritage Property Tax Relief Program Exemption

A report requesting that Council provide an exemption under the Heritage Property Tax Relief Program allowing 751 George Street North (Sadleir House) to participate in the program.

10. Heritage Preservation Officer

Report CSCH05-019

Heritage Designation of Historic Properties

A report to seek approval to designate the following properties: 407-409 George Street North (Pappas Billiards); 396 Downie Street; 90 Murray Street (Central School); 201 Charlotte Street (Federal Building); 544 McDonnel Street (Bonner Worth Mills Administration Building); 273 Hunter Street West, under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

11. Director of Community Services

Report CSD05-005

Royal Visit Funding

A report to request funds to offset the direct costs of the Royal Visit.

12. Manager, Recreation Division

Report CSRS05-008

Joint Use Agreement with the KawarthaPineRidgeDistrictSchool Board

A report proposing to enter into a Joint Use agreement with the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board over the use of athletic sport fields.

13. Director of Utility Services

Report USEC05-029

Strategic Business Analysis for Public Works – P-15-05

A report to obtain Council’s approval to authorize an Engineering Agreement for professional services to complete a Strategic Business Analysis for the Public Works Division of the Utility Services Department.

14. Director of Utility Services

Report USEC05-030

Engineering Services for Harper Creek Erosion Remedial Works

A report to obtain Council’s approval to authorize an Engineering Agreement for professional services to complete a detailed design, including the studies necessary to obtain agency approvals, for remedial erosion control work on Harper Creek.

15. Manager, Engineering and Construction Division

Report USEC05-031

CanadaOntario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (COMRIF) Application – Intake Two

A report seeking Council resolution that rehabilitation of the Hunter Street (Ashburnham) Bridge over the Otonabee River be put forward as the City of Peterborough’s highest need and priority project to the Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (COMRIF) – Intake Two.

16. Director of Utility Services

Report USEC05-034

Proposed Concrete Curb and Gutter on Cochrane Crescent

A report to seek Council’s approval for the process under Ontario Regulation 119/03 for the construction of concrete curb and gutter on Cochrane Crescent.

17. Manager, Engineering and Construction Division

Report USEC05-033

Chemong Road Widening (T-20-05)

A report to seek Council’s approval to award a construction contract for the widening of Chemong Road and installation of traffic signals for the new Wal-Mart store.

18. Manager of Environmental Protection Division

Report USES05-006

Award the Supply of a Godwin Portable Sewage Pump

A report requesting Council’s approval to award the supply of a portable sewage pump from RMS Enviro Solv Inc.

19. Manager, Engineering and Construction Division

Report USEC05-032

Parkhill Road Sewage Pumping Station Upgrade

A report seeking Council approval to retain KMK Consultants Limited to provide detailed design and construction administration services for capacity upgrades to the Parkhill Road Sewage Pumping Station.

20. Manager, Transportation Division

Report USTR05-006

Supply of Parking Control Services – Agreement

A report to Council recommending approval of a one-year pilot program aimed at assisting the existing Parking Control Services contractor (Securitas) to supply improved level of service through increased rates of pay to their Staff working on the City of Peterborough Parking contract.

21. Property Asset Manager

Report PLPD05-056

PickeringAirport and the Impact for Peterborough

A report to advise City Council of the plans for the development of the Pickering Airport by the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) and the forecast impact on Peterborough and the future operation of the Peterborough Airport.

22. Property Asset Manager

Report PLPD05-057

Sale of the Kingswood Centre Supplemental Report

A report to seek City Council approval of the sale of the Kingswood Community Centre property located at 993 Talwood Drive.

23. Manager of Family Services

Report SS05-010

2005 – 2007 National Child Benefit Re-investment Plan

A report to request approval from Council for the continuation of the National Child Benefit (NCB) Re-investment Plan for 2005 – 2007.

24. Manager of Family Services

Report SS05-011

Peterborough Community Social Plan Informational Update

A report to provide an update on the implementation and ongoing activities of the Peterborough Community Social Plan (PCSP).

25. Policy Development and Quality Improvement Advisor

Report SS05-013

Emergency Assistance Program

A report to recommend changes to the Social Services, Ontario Works Emergency Assistance Policy. The specific change is a formula to be used in determining the amount of Emergency Assistance to be issued to those people in a crisis situation with income in excess of Ontario Works eligibility levels.

26. Employment Services Coordinator

Report SS05-014

Ontario Works – Employment Services Program

A report to outline for Council recently announced Ontario Works Directive changes, the employment pilot “JobsNow”, the shift to outcome based employment services funding and local employment trends.

27. Social Assistance Coordinator

Report SS05-015

Discretionary Benefits Report

A report to inform Council of the recent changes in Ontario Works legislation (December 15, 2004) and recent Ontario Energy Board/Peterborough Utility Services changes that are resulting in some recommended changes to the Social Services Department Discretionary Benefit Policy.

28. Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Report FAFS05-024

Development Charge Payment Deferral for Residential (B) and (C) Buildings

A report proposing that payment of development charges for Residential (B) and (C) buildings be deferred until such time as the first unit at the address has passed an occupancy inspection.

29. City Solicitor

Report OCS05-004(A)

A new agreement respecting the Greater Peterborough

Area Economic Development Corporation

A report to recommend a small amendment to the agreement with the County of Peterborough and the Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation which was the subject of Report OCS05-004.

30. Manager of Public Works

Report USPW05-016

Award Of Proposal P-19-05 For The Supply And Installation Of Playstructures At Three Parks: Sherbrooke, WallisHeights And Ashburnham Memorial

A report to propose the award of Proposal P-19-05 for the Supply And Installation of Playstructures at three Parks: Sherbrooke, Wallis Heights and Ashburnham Memorial

31. Manager of Engineering

Report USEC05-036

CurtisCreek Realignment - Caddy Street to Armour Road (T-25-05)

A report to obtain Council’s approval to award a contract for the construction of a cul-de-sac on Centre Street and the realignment of Curtis Creek from Caddy Street to Armour Road.

32. Councillor Rexe

Report COU05-008

Freedom of Information

A report to improve information flow to the public.

33. Councillor Rexe

Report COU05-010

Division of Wards

A report to begin the process of establishing 10 wards in the City of Peterborough with one councillor elected per ward.

34. CORRES05-010

Letter from Linda Jeffrey, MPP

Private Member’ Bill, The Home Fire Sprinkler Act, 2004

A request for Council support of correspondence relating to the introduction of Private Member’s Bill 141, The Home Fire Sprinkler Act, 2004

35. Other Business

36. Adjournment