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2005-06-06 Committee of the Whole

Event date: Monday, June 06, 2005, at 5:50 PM

Committee of the Whole Agenda
Caucus: June 06, 2005 at 5:50 PM - General Committee Room
Open Session: June 06, 2005 at 6:30 PM - General Committee Room

Caucus – 5:50 p.m.

1. Property Matter

2. Property Matter

3. Personnel Matter

4. Property Matter

Open Session – 6:30 p.m.

The Lord’s Prayer

Thirty Seconds Of Silent Prayer

National Anthem

5. Minutes of a) May 16, 2005

b) May 24, 2005

c) May 30, 2005

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest



Item Numbers 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23


6. Director of Community Services

Report CSD05-004 and Appendix

Joint City/YMCA Committee Final Recommendations

A report to

7. Manager, Environmental Protection

Report USES05-004

Centennial Fountain

A report to requesting Council’s approval to award the supply, and installation of a sophisticated laboratory testing equipment from SCP Science.

8. Director, Utility Services Division

Report USES05-003

Award The Supply & Installation Of A Phosphorus And Dissolved Organic Carbon Module (DOC)

A report to award Proposal P-16-05, Vending Machine, Post Mix, and exclusive product supply, for the Peterborough Sport And Wellness Centre, Evinrude Centre, Kinsmen Civic Centre, and Northcrest Arena.

11. Director of Utility Services

Report USPW05-015

Award of Tender T-22-05, Supply of One 4-Wheel Drive Utility Vehicle for Public Works

A report to propose the award of Tender T-22-05, a tender for the supply of one 4 wheel drive utility vehicle for Public Works.

12. Property Asset Manager

Report PLPD05-043

Transfer of Airport Budget Funds

A report to request authorization to transfer capital funds.

13. Property Asset Manager

Report PLPD05-042

Airport Pond Filling Compensation

A report to request authorization of a Pond Filling Compensation Agreement and associated payment.

14. Planner, Urban Design

Report PLPD05-038

Streetscape Improvements on Hunter Street from JacksonCreekBridge to George Street

A report to award a contract for Streetscape Improvements on Hunter Street from the Jackson Creek bridge to George Street.

15. Housing Supply Facilitator

Report PLHD-05-007

Supplementary Affordable Housing Allocations – 220 Edinburgh Street

A report to recommend that the Peterborough Community Housing Development Corporation (PCHDC), be named as the proponent to develop affordable housing under the Federal/Provincial Affordable Housing Program, at 220 Edinburgh Street, Peterborough.

16. City Solicitor

Report OCS05-003

City of North Bay Resolution – Liability of Recreational Trails

A report to recommend that Council endorse a resolution of the Council of the City of North Bay, requesting that Province of Ontario exempt the owners of recreational trails from liability arising out of public use.

17. Director of Utility Services

Report USEC05-023

Revised Sewer Use By-Law

A report to recommend approval of a revised Sewer Use By-Law.

18. Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Report FAFS05-021

Development Charge Reserve Fund Statement

A report to present the Development Charge Reserve Fund – Statement of Continuity for the year ended December 31, 2004, for the City and PUC Waterworks, as required under the provisions of each organization’s Development Charge By-Laws and the Development Charge Act, 1997.

19. Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Report FAFS05-022

Bridge Financing to Peterborough Housing Corporation for Woollen Mill Project

A report to seek Council’s approval to provide bridge financing to Peterborough Housing Corporation during the twelve month construction period of the Woollen Mill facility redevelopment project.

20. Councillor Guiel

Report COU05-005

Combined City/County Council Meetings

A report to propose the merits of joint City of Peterborough/County of Peterborough meetings on a twice-yearly basis.

21. Councillor Rexe

Report COU05-006

Charitable Requests

A report to begin a process for dealing with requests for charitable donations and for funding from non-traditional sources.

22. Councillor Rexe

Report COU05-007

Council Remuneration

A report to present a review of Council Remuneration as directed by Council resolution passed October 6, 2003 and in keeping with recommendations proposed by the Citizen Council Remuneration Committee in September 2000.

23. Councillor Rexe

Report COU05-008

Ontario Budget

A report to Council regarding the May 11, 2005, Ontario Budget.

24. Other Business

25. Adjournment