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2005-01-24 Planning Committee

Event date: Monday, January 24, 2005, at 6:30 PM

Planning Committee Agenda
January 24, 2005 at 6:30 PM - General Committee Room

The Lord’s Prayer

Thirty Seconds Of Silent Prayer

National Anthem

  1. Confirmation of Minutes of November 29, 2004

  2. Declaration of Pecuniary Interest


  1. Planner, Land Use
    Report PLPD05-004
    Exhibits to PLPD05-004
    312 – 314 Townsend Street
    (David Papadimitriou)

    A report to evaluate the planning merits of rezoning the property at 312 – 314 Townsend Street to permit a limited range of additional commercial and residential uses.

  2. Planner, Land Use
    Report PLPD05-005
    Exhibits to PLPD05-005
    273 Hunter Street West
    Brian Mulligan

    A report to evaluate the planning merits of rezoning the property at 273 Hunter Street West to permit the property to be used for small-scale office and clinic uses and residential purposes.

  3. Planner, Land Use
    Report PLPD05-013
    Exhibit to PLPD05-013
    City Initiated Rezoning - Kingswood Community Centre Property

    A report to authorize Staff to initiate a rezoning of the Kingswood Community Centre property.

  4. Planner, Subdivision Control & Special Projects
    Report PLPD07-001
    Schedule, Appendix and Exhibits to PLPD05-001
    Extension to Draft Plan of Subdivision Approval for 1244 Dafoe Drive Subdivision 15T-98502

    A report to grant an extension to Draft Plan of Subdivision Approval for the property at 1244 Dafoe Drive accommodating, in part, the realignment of Armour Road.

  5. Planner, Subdivision Control & Special Projects
    Report PLPD05-002
    Exhibits to PLPD05-002
    By-Law to Remove a Holding Symbol From the Zoning By-Law for the Properties from 719 to 752 Fortye Drive

    A report to recommend the removal of the “H” – Holding Provision from the Zoning By-Law for the properties from 719 to 752 Fortye Drive.

  6. Heritage Preservation Officer
    Report CSCH05-001
    Exhibits to CSCH05-001
    Heritage Designation of Historic Properties

    A report to seek approval to designate the following properties: 379 George Street North; 136 Maria Street; 285 George Street North; 155 Hunter Street East; 362 Hunter Street West; 205 Lisburn Street; 464 George Street North; 751 George Street North; 664 George Street North and 478 Downie Street, under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

  7. Planner, Subdivision Control & Special Projects
    Report PLPD05-006
    Exhibits to PLPD05-006
    The Outlook for Growth in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area

    A report to advise City Council of a report prepared by the Greater Golden Horseshoe Forecast Committee which provides growth projections for the Greater Toronto Area and outlying areas.

  8. Manager of Planning
    Report PLPD05-008
    Greenbelt Act

    A report to respond to Council’s request for a report on the impacts and implications of the Greenbelt Act upon the City of Peterborough.

  9. Manager of Planning
    Report PLPD05-012
    Exhibit to PLPD05-012
    Surplus Land Hospital Drive

    A report to seek Council direction on the process for amending the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law for the surplus land on Hospital Drive.

  10. Other Business

  11. Adjournment