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Video Streaming FAQs

The City of Peterborough now offers live streaming of all Council meetings, along with the ability to watch previous meetings of Council on demand.  If you are encountering any issues using this service, we have developed some brief how-to tips to ensure the technology functions properly for you. 

It's important to note that the video player will only display video once a live meeting is taking place.  At all other times, a black screen will be visible.  Also, once the page has loaded, video can take 5-30 seconds to begin to play; please be patient as your device establishes a connection.

Issue Experienced
Possible Resolution
Council Streaming window displays a black box with a circular image rotating.
  • Has the Council meeting started yet?  Video is only available when a live meeting is taking place.
  • Try refreshing your browser using the refresh button in the toolbar, or closing the browser and re-opening it to the Council Streaming page.
  • Press the play button within the video window.
An error is displayed, and the video will not play.
  • Do you have access to a different browser or device?  If the video plays properly on this alternative browser/device, there is likely an issue with your original viewing set-up.  If the video continues to fail, you can notify City Hall.  Be aware however, that issues with the stream may not be fixed immediately.  We will endeavour to update our streaming page of any known issues with the live stream. However, even if a meeting is not available live due to technical issues, it will be posted in the Archived Video section for you to view at a later date.
Video is displayed, but there is no audio.
  • Ensure the audio controls on your computer/device and speakers are turned up to an appropriate level.
  • Within the player window, ensure the volume control is turned up to an appropriate level.
The video screen is too small to see.
  • Within the player window, click the full-screen button to take advantage of your entire screen size.
The video is taking a long time to buffer (load) and is very choppy.
  • By default the viewer should automatically adjust the quality of the video to optimize playback on your device.  However, you can also manually choose a lower quality video using the buttons below the video window.