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Ward Boundary Review

Approved changes will take effect for the next term of council and will come into place on December 1, 2018. As a result, they will also be used for the next municipal election on October 22, 2018. 

About The Review

Over the years, City wards have experienced population growth and boundary expansion due to development and annexation. A ward boundary review was required to equalize the number of electors in each ward to ensure effective representation. 

The City currently has five wards: Otonabee (Ward 1), Monaghan (Ward 2), Town (Ward 3), Ashburnham (Ward 4) and Northcrest (Ward 5).  Two Councillors are elected per ward and the Mayor is elected at large.  This governance model has not changed as part of the ward boundary review.

During the summer and fall of 2017, City staff hosted three formal public consultation sessions and offered eight drop-in sessions to gather feedback on several options to equalize the population in each of the five wards. Council voted to adopt what was referred to as "Ward Option D". 

Ward Option D Image Map

 Option D
   2016 Census Population  2026 Projected Population
 Otonabee (Ward 1) 16 351 17 517
 Monaghan (Ward 2) 16 053 21 011
 Town (Ward 3) 16 524 18 024
 Ashburnham (Ward 4) 15 376 19 175
 Northcrest (Ward 5) 16 728 20 433

Population Difference

(Highest - Lowest)

1 352 3 494
The ward structure ending with the current term of council is shown here with this Ward Map