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Registered Candidates and Third Parties

List of Registered Candidates and Registered Third Parties

By clicking a candidate link below, you will leave the City of Peterborough's website. Neither the City Clerk nor the City of Peterborough reviews, endorses or approves any external site nor are we responsible for their content. Neither the City Clerk nor the City of Peterborough is responsible or liable for any damages arising from linking to or using those sites.

The following is an unofficial list of Candidates and Registered Third Parties. The City Clerk will certify and publish a Certified List of Candidates at the end of July and those are the names that will appear on the ballot in October. 


Names appear in alphabetical order, by first name, by office. 

Contact Information 
Diane Therrien Website:  www.dianetherrien.ca
Email:  diane@dianetherrien.ca
Cameron Green

Phone:  705-931-5414

Email:  camerongre@gmail.com

Councillor - Ward 1 - Otonabee
Contact Information 
Kim Zippel

Website: www.kimzippel.ca
Email: kim@kimzippel.ca

Phone:  705-775-9477

Twitter:  @kimzippel

 Ryan Waudby Email:  RyanWaudbyforOtonabee@gmail.com
Phone:  705-745-6024
Twitter:  @WaudbyRyan
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Waudby4Otonabee/
 Brock Grills

 Phone:  705-868-2348

Email:  brock_grills@hotmail.com

Facebook:  facebook.com/BGOtonabee


Councillor - Ward 2 - Monaghan
Contact Information 
David John McGowan

Website: www.davemcgowan.ca
Phone: 705-768-1432
Email: info@davemcgowan.ca

Twitter:  @DaveMcGowanPTBO

 Don Vassiliadis

Website:  www.donvassiliadis.com

Phone:  705-768-0377

Email:  don.vassiliadis@sympatico.ca


Councillor - Ward 3 - Town
Contact Information 
Dean Pappas
Website: www.pappastown.com
Phone: 705-745-0133
 Kemi Akapo  


Councillor - Ward 4 - Ashburnham
Contact Information 
Gary Baldwin
Website: www.garybaldwin.ca
Phone: 705-743-7056
Keith Riel
Website: www.keithriel.ca
Email: info@keithriel.ca
Sheila Wood
Phone: 705-872-2875
Email: sheilawood24@cogeco.ca
Paul Rellinger
Website:  www.electpaulrellinger.com
Phone:  705-768-2594
Email:  paulrellinger@hotmail.com


Councillor - Ward 5 - Northcrest
Contact Information 
Zach Hatton

Phone: 705-927-1290
Email: hatton4northcrest@gmail.com

Twitter:  @HattonPtbo

Facebook:  Facebook.com/Hatton4Northcrest

Andrew Beamer

 Website:  www.VoteBeamer.ca

Phone:  705-743-8004

Email:  andrewbeamer@hotmail.com

 Dave Haacke

Phone:  705-772-3478

Email:  dhaacke@peterborough.ca


Trustee - Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
Contact Information 
Wayne Bonner
Phone: 705-760-4448
Email: waynefortrustee@gmail.com


Trustee - Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board
Contact Information 
Helen McCarthy

Phone:  705-748-3680

Email:  hmccarthy6@hotmail.com


Trustee - Conseil Scolaire Viamonde
Contact Information 


Trustee - Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique Centre-Sud
Contact Information 


Third Parties

Contact Information 




Last Updated: 2018-05-01 at 12:53 p.m.

Councillor - Ward 1
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