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Shaping Our City for the Future
City of Peterborough Strategic Framework

Vibrant Strategic Theme

Vibrant Theme LogoThe focus of the Vibrant Strategic Theme is on: 

  • Fostering a strong sense of place, the kind of place that people feel connected to whether as residents or visitors. 
  • Quality of life and creating a City that is full of vitality, variety, and a multitude of experiences and opportunities. 
  • Ensuring that Peterborough is a diverse and enriched community with inspiring neighbourhoods, a vibrant downtown, beautiful streets and gateways, high urban design standards, and an abundance of public spaces, parks, trails, and gathering spaces. 
  • Ensuring there is something available for everyone through a diverse offering of arts, culture, sports, and recreation opportunities, events, and facilities. 
  • Ensuring the protection of our cultural and natural heritage resources over the long term, and celebrating those resources.

Sense of Place

  • Is about the combination of qualities and characteristics that provide meaning, make a place special and unique, and foster a sense of attachment and belonging for residents and visitors. 
  • It is what sets one community apart from another and what translates into a City’s competitive advantage. It is the various visual, cultural, social, and environmental qualities that foster social connection, civic pride, and create emotional bonds between people and their community.

Vibrant Strategic Commitments

  • Varied arts, culture, sports and recreation opportunities and infrastructure 
  • Abundant public spaces, trails, parks, and gathering places 
  • Quality of life, sense of place, and connectedness focus
  • High urban design standards and infrastructure renewal 
  • Beautiful streets, gateways, and scenic waterfront available for public enjoyment 
  • Culture and heritage is protected and celebrated 
  • Multicultural, welcoming community 
  • Vibrant and livable downtown 
  • Inspiring neighbourhoods 
  • Civic engagement