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Shaping Our City for the Future
City of Peterborough Strategic Framework

Sustainable Strategic Theme

Sustainable Theme LogoThe focus of the Sustainable Strategic Theme is on: 

  • Ensuring “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. (Definition from United Nations ‘Our Common Future’ report) 
  • Sustainable development and community design related commitments including: 
    • Proactively planning for growth. 
    • Protecting natural areas and green spaces. 
    • Sustainable infrastructure and servicing. 
    • Mixed use development that supports sustainable modes of transportation. 
    • Urban agriculture and local food production and distribution to ensure that we can feed ourselves sustainably with local, healthy foods. 
  • Environmental stewardship commitments including: 
    • The preservation of healthy ecosystems and our urban forest. 
    • Protecting and improving the quality of our air and water. 
    • Development of green industry and related employment opportunities.
    • Commitments related to climate change, waste diversion, and the development of green energy        

Greater Peterborough Area Sustainability Plan

The Sustainability Strategic Theme is based largely on the Greater Peterborough Area (GPA) Sustainability Plan, which focuses on three pillars of sustainability: 

  • Environment 
  • Society and Culture 
  • Economy

The GPA Sustainability Plan pillars and the related strategic commitments are reflected throughout the Shaping Our City for the Future Strategic Framework. However, not all our sustainability commitments are captured under the Sustainability theme. Rather, they are imbedded throughout the entire Framework. Sustainability serves as an important lens that is applied to all strategic priorities of the City and is therefore interwoven throughout each of the Strategic Themes.

The GPA Sustainability Plan pillar of economic sustainability, for example, is captured primarily under the Prosperity Strategic Theme. The socio-cultural pillar of the GPA Sustainability Plan is reflected mostly under the Vibrant and Healthy and Connected Strategic Themes of the Shaping Our City for the Future Framework.

Sustainable Strategic Commitments

  • Sustainable practices including: community design, development, modes of transportation, asset management, and building design 
  • Proactively planning for growth 
  • Natural areas and green spaces 
  • Environmental stewardship 
  • Healthy urban forest and ecosystems 
  • Responsible social, financial, legal, and environmental oversight 
  • Urban agriculture and local food 
  • Green industry/employment 
  • Steady population growth
  • Air and water quality 
  • Climate change 
  • Waste diversion 
  • Green energy