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Shaping Our City for the Future
City of Peterborough Strategic Framework

Prosperous Strategic Theme

Prosperous LogoThe focus of the Prosperous Strategic Theme is on 

  • Ensuring that Peterborough has a viable and promising economic future, one in which there are jobs for our residents, local businesses are supported for growth, and investors see Peterborough as an attractive destination for investment. 
  • Ensuring a future in which we are successful in attracting a talented and educated workforce and retaining youth within our community through world-class educational facilities and competitive employment opportunities. 
  • Building a strong and robust economy through strategic investments and partnerships, innovative employment, continued growth of our creative economy, and support for our industrious manufacturing base. 
  • Establishing a strong City brand that recognizes and promotes our unique strengths and assets, and showcases Peterborough as a regional centre for business, government, and education services. 
  • Ensuring a resilient and sustainable economy that can weather through times of financial uncertainty. 
  • Ensuring sufficient economic diversification, preservation of employment lands, support to strengthen Peterborough’s regional hospital and post-secondary education facilities, and the optimization of infrastructure and other opportunities to build regional connectivity and strengthen the local and regional economies.

Prosperous Strategic Commitments: 

  • Diverse and innovative employment sectors
  • Creative and inclusive economy 
  • Industrious manufacturing base 
  • Retention of youth through education and jobs 
  • Support for local business and not-for-profits 
  • Strategic investments, partnerships and employment lands 
  • Attractive for investors, entrepreneurs, immigrants, newcomers, talent, and people of all ages and abilities 
  • Regional hub for business, government and education services 
  • Incentives for private investment 
  • Strong post-secondary institutions and regional hospital 
  • Tourism