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Natalie – Deputy Clerk

I am the Deputy City Clerk here at the City of Peterborough. My job includes helping to create Council agendas and attending and recording decisions at Council meetings. The Clerks office is involved in lottery licensing, business licensing, death registrations, assisting with advisory committee meetings, issuing marriage licenses and performing weddings to name just a few of our activities!

Having worked at smaller municipalities in the past it is wonderful to be part of a larger organization with a wide variety of experienced professionals on staff. Having a legal department, a human resources department and information technology professionals allows you to focus on your work and get the support you need. You know that you can rely on the advice you receive and staff members here are always willing to assist other employees.

Being responsible for the creation of the Council agendas and attending the meetings, enables me to see the decision process at work. It is satisfying to see a project completed out in the community and know that in your own small way you were involved in the process. You realize that you are part of large team here at the City of Peterborough and everyone’s efforts are necessary in order for the project to succeed.

- Natalie

Staff image of Natalie