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Background Information

Where have we been?

Plan It Peterborough is being conducted in two distinct phases. 

Phase One: Review Phase (2011-2013)

  • Review of issues and policy options with existing City Official Plan.
  • Review of requirements and policy options relating to the Provincial Policy Framework.
  • Check in with community and stakeholders on the City’s Future Visions and themes for the Official Plan Review to determine their views and priorities for the community.
  • Check in with City staff on the review of policy options for integrating other City Master Plans and Studies.
  • Identification of Community Vision Principles.
  • Determination of five overarching themes for renewing the Official Plan.

Official Plan Review Key Drivers

Existing City Official Plan

  • Existing Official Plan Structure and detailed Policies 
  • City land use structure and community organization 
  • Secondary Plans 

Provincial Policy Framework

  • Ontario Planning Act 
  • Provincial Policy Statement 
  • Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe
  • Source Water Protection

Public Input on City's Future Vision & Themes for the OP Review

  • Three public open houses/workshops
  • Four issue-themed stakeholder workshops
  • Three guest speaking appearances
  • Municipal Plan Review workshop
  • 400 open house/workshop participants
  • 100 responses to Online survey

Other City Master Plans & Studies

  • Flood Reduction Master Plan (2005)
  • Vision 2025: Strategic Plan for Recreation, Parks, and Culture (2016) 
  • Central Area Master Plan (2009) 
  • Little Lake Master Plan (2010) 
  • Morrow Park Masterplan Design Study (2011)
  • Urban Forest Strategic Plan (2011) 
  • Municipal Cultural Plan (2012) 
  • Comprehensive Transportation Plan (2012) 
  • Community Sustainability Plan (2012)
  • Housing and Homelessness Plan (2014)
  • Plus other plans and studies 

Official Plan Review Key Drivers (Diagram)

Where Can I Find Information About Phase One?

Phase One consisted of initial public and stakeholder consultation between 2011 and 2013.

On March 21, 2011 the City's Official Plan Review process was officially initiated with approval from Planning Committee. Read the staff report presented to Council.

Three Public Workshops were held in June to help develop a vision for how Peterborough should grow over the next 20 years. The Public Workshops Feedback Report and the staff presentations from these workshops are available for review.

In addition to the input received at the public workshops and through an online questionnaire, City staff met with community stakeholder groups during the summer/fall of 2011. Feedback reports from these workshops will be posted here as they become available:

The input received from this first phase of consultation has been summarized into a Draft Policy Directions Report as described in Staff Report #2 - Official Plan Review Update. This report identifies strategic opportunities to translate the messages heard from the public and stakeholders into Official Plan policy. Stakeholders were given an opportunity to comment on a Draft Policy Directions Report in the Fall of 2012.

On March 4, 2013, the Council of the Corporation of the City of Peterborough, sitting as Planning Committee, held a Special Public Meeting pursuant to Section 26(3)(b) of the Planning Act, RSO, 1990, c. P.13 (as amended) to provide the public an opportunity to identify and discuss revisions that may be required to update the current City of Peterborough Official Plan. The meeting included the submission of a Potential Policy Directions Report to Council to summarize the findings of the Plan It Peterborough Official Plan Review public consultation program together with a brief presentation from City Planning Staff.

Decision from the March 4, 2013 Presentation to Council Sitting as Planning Committee:

That Council approve the recommendations outlined in Report PLPD13-014 dated March 4, 2013, of the Manager, Planning Division, as follows:

  1. That Report PLPD13-014 be received for information purposes;
  2. That the report entitled Plan It Peterborough, Official Plan Review, Potential Policy Directions Report dated March 2013, attached as Exhibit A to Report PLPD13-014, be adopted as a guide for staff to use in the preparation of Official Plan amendments to implement the conclusions of the Plan It Peterborough consultation campaign;
  3. That Council deem Phase 1 of Plan It Peterborough to be complete; and,
  4. That Council direct staff to proceed with the necessary Official Plan amendments to implement the conclusions of the Plan It Peterborough consultation as described in Report PLPD13-014.

Community Vision Principles Established in Phase One

Through the public consultation process in Phase One, many common visions emerged for the City’s future including:

  • A healthy community with a strong focus on active living, walkable streets, connected trails and opportunities for community interaction;
  • A green, attractive, affordable and pedestrian oriented community;
  • A community abundant with public spaces, trails, parks and gathering places that are accessible for all and connect neighbourhoods and communities to one another and to nature;
  • A community of compact, walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods with opportunities for playing, working, shopping, entertainment and community uses;
  • A community with a vibrant downtown where new development preserves heritage and supports existing stores and destinations;
  • An innovative community with growth in businesses and jobs that leverage the strengths of the City;
  • A community with multi-sectoral employment opportunities that are stable and supportive of small business, creative culture and youth;
  • An inclusive and diverse community with integrated housing for all incomes, ages and ethnicities;
  • A community for people of all ages and abilities;
  • A community with efficient public transportation and reduced automobile reliance;
  • A community that supports safe and accessible active transportation with cycling and walking for all ages; and,
  • A community of quality buildings designed to a comfortable scale with appropriate heights, mix of uses and attention to the public realm.

 Additionally, through the stakeholder workshops, participants also emphasized creating a community that:

  • Strives to achieve environmental sustainability and proactively responds to environmental issues such as climate change, drinking water quality, air quality, waste management, noise, odour and light pollution;
  • Fosters business growth and is welcoming to new and innovative business opportunities;
  • Is an attractive destination for newcomers; and,
  • Is socially responsive by providing an accessible built environment and by enhancing access to healthy, locally-sourced food, affordable housing and community services.

Overarching Themes and Policy Directions Identified in Phase One

Complete Healthy Communities

  • Range of Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Appropriate Intensification
  • Community Infrastructure
  • Safe, Inclusive Neighbourhood Design
  • Aging Population

Environmental Sustainability

  • Natural Areas/Green Spaces
  • Sustainable Building Design and Green Energy
  • Urban Forest
  • Local Food/Urban Agriculture
  • Green Employment Areas
  • Sustainable Servicing and Waste Management

Economic Strength

  • Innovative Employment
  • Creative Economy
  • Tourism
  • Protected Employment Areas
  • Partnerships
  • Business Brand

Unique and Vibrant Places and Spaces

  • Downtown Peterborough
  • Urban Design
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Arts and Culture

Connectivity and Mobility

  • Active, Alternative Transportation
  • Pedestrian-Oriented Development
  • Accessibility
  • Road and Major Transportation Networks

Overarching Themes and Policy Directions (Diagram) 

Part 1 of 2 of the Official Plan Update has been drafted. Part 1 of the Draft Official Plan contains the community Vision for 2041, the associated Guiding Principles to help achieve the Vision, and Strategic Policies – these are based on the priorities identified by the public and stakeholders through the Plan It Peterborough process so far.

Download a copy of Part 1 of the Draft Official Plan

Phase Two: Policy Development (2013-2018)

  • Developing draft policies as per the policy directions report. (completed March 2016)
  • Checking back with the community, stakeholders, staff and Council, and making adjustments.(we are here)
  • Finalizing the Official Plan and obtain Council approval.

Where are we now?

Plan It Peterborough is beginning the next phase with the launch of Part 1 of the Draft Official Plan.

The draft Official Plan includes policies to:

  • Support the Community vision established in Phase One.
  • Align with overarching themes and policy directions identified in Phase One.
  • Address provincial policy requirements.
  • Incorporate other Council approved City plans and policies to create an integrated policy framework.

Input from the public and stakeholders will be used to finalize the Official Plan for Council’s approval.