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George Street Improvement Project (Sherbrooke Street to Perry Street) and Extension of Downtown Cycling Lanes

Improvements for George Street between Sherbrooke Street and Perry Street have been approved through an Environmental Assessment and by Council (Report USTR14-011).  The approved street design will result a better functioning, safer and more comfortable road for vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and businesses. By reallocating the current four vehicle travel lanes into two vehicle travel lanes, left turn lanes, cycling lanes, pedestrian crossing islands and providing a traffic signal at Dalhousie Street, the street will be more friendly for all people using this corridor.  As a gateway to the downtown and a tourist area, the associated improvements in the aesthetics of the street are important as well.  This project is partially funded by the Province of Ontario through the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program and construction is taking place in the fall of 2017.

In addition to the George Street Improvement Project, the cycling lanes on George Street and Water Street will be extended south to Sherbrooke Street in 2017.  Cycling facilities will also be provided along Sherbrooke Street between George Street and Water Street, completing the network of north-south cycling facilities in the downtown.  Parking will continue to be provided on both sides of George Street and Water Street between Hunter Street and Sherbrooke Street.  The cycling lanes will be the same layout as they are between Brock Street and Hunter Street.  This concept was approved by Council in the spring of 2016.

These projects are both in the detailed design stage with implementation planned for 2017.  A public meeting was held on Wednesday, November 30.  The information about the project is posted here for your information and the comment period is open until December 8.

Audio Recording of Information on Display Boards

Display Board Information

Detailed Plan for George, Water and Sherbrooke Street Cycling Lanes from Hunter Street to Sherbrooke Street

Detailed Plan for George Street from Sherbrooke Street to Townsend Street

Detailed Plan for George Street from Townsend Street to Perry Street

On-Line Survey for Comments


The images below show George Street south of Sherbrooke Street as it exists today and how the street will function once the project is implemented.

George Street Today

 Photo of George Street by Holiday Inn Today


George Street Improvement Concept 

photo George Street Concept 

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about the George Street Improvement Project, please contact Susan Sauve at 705-742-7777 ext. 1485.