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What Value Does Sponsorship Offer?

What Value Does Sponsorship Offer?

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Sponsorship is an ever evolving global business sector estimated to exceed $53.3 billion USD world wide, and almost 2 billion in Canada. (Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study, 2013). Sponsorship has become an important and valuable marketing asset of many successful businesses. At one time sponsorship was commonly seen as corporate philanthropy; a contribution of funds by a business or corporation aimed primarily as a donation of goodwill. Many businesses and corporations still undertake philanthropic initiatives.  But today, strategic sponsorships dominate. Businesses and corporations pursue rights acquisitions funded by marketing budgets aimed at achieving specific objectives. Savvy sponsors get their business names, products or services in front of target markets through sponsorship rights acquisitions.   This allows businesses to grow, overcome challenges, and achieve objectives by leveraging the assets of others. Business objectives that might be achieved through sponsorship include:

  • driving sales
  • driving web or in-store traffic
  • improving profit margins
  • entering or accessing new markets
  • product launches
  • influencing public perception
  • conducting market or product research
  • building brand awareness
  • brand launches or rebranding
  • accessing information or expertise
  • engaging or recruiting employees
  • developing new markets

Any possible goal or objective that a business may identify can be achieved through the right sponsorship investment. The key is establishing target objectives and measuring results to ensure success. At Sponsor Peterborough we understand businesses will have expectations of their investments and we will work to ensure those expectations are met.

Sponsorship as a business practice is most mature in the professional and amateur sporting sectors. This is logical when we consider the level of public engagement, media attention, and passion for sport in very large market segments . Collectively pro and amateur sport captures more than 50% of the sponsorship sector and could be the right investment for your business. There are however many other sectors that offer sponsor investment value:

  • festivals & events
  • arts & culture
  • entertainment, tours & attractions
  • cause (environment, medical advancement, etc.)
  • media

Almost any program, event, service, or facility that can engage, or attract the attention of a target market will present a sponsorship opportunity and subsequently the ability to achieve of a business objective. The critical element to success is for business to effectively identify the right objectives, and for sponsorship programs to offer effective and efficient means for the business to achieve their objectives. Contact Sponsor Peterborough staff to help identify your business objectives and see what sponsorship opportunities might be right for you.

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All revenues from Sponsor Peterborough are invested into delivery and development of facilities, programs, services and events in the city of Peterborough.