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Trial/Resolution Meeting Information

Ontario Court of Justice - GUIDE FOR DEFENDANTS  in Provincial Offences Cases

This guide provides defendants with general information about the court process for Provincial Offences matters.  It does not provide legal advice nor does it cover every circumstance that might arise in every case. 

My notice indicates I can resolve my matter by telephone? What does this involve?

To discuss your charge by telephone, email Tanya Dunford at  A date and time will be emailed back to you for an opportunity to discuss your charge prior to your court date.  Ensure you read the entire email as there is important information for you to follow.  The prosecutor's office will not contact you at the scheduled appointment time, you must call one of the numbers provided in the appointment email.  You will still need to attend court on your scheduled date.  The purpose of discussing the charge by telephone prior to the appointment date, is to see if a resolution can be reached.  If not, your appointment date will be cancelled and a trial date will be mailed to you. 

How can I obtain disclosure prior to my resolution meeting or trial date?

The Prosecutor’s office will provide disclosure which may include a copy of the officer’s notes, witness statements and/or accident reports if they are applicable to your charge.  You can obtain disclosure by attending at the court office and filling out a request or by completing a Request for Disclosure under the Forms section on this site.  Send your written request by FAX: 705-743-9292 EMAIL: or MAIL to:  Office of the Prosecutor,  99 Simcoe St.  Peterborough, ON  K9H 2H3

Be sure to include your first and last name, full mailing address, scheduled appointment/trial date, offence number,  your phone number or your FAX number (if requesting your disclosure to be faxed) or email address. 

This should be done once you receive your appointment or trial date in the mail and must be filed in the court office at least 3 days before your appointment or trial date. 

What if I can’t attend my Resolution Meeting or trial date?

If you are unable to make your Resolution Meeting date, you can call the court office at 705-742-7777 x 2099 and change the meeting date over the phone. 

If you are unable to attend your first trial date, you must contact the court office at 705-742-7777 x 2099 and request a consent adjournment.   If this is the second time you have requested an adjournment of your trial date, you will have to file a Notice of Motion with the court and the prosecution office.