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Past Due Fines & Collections

What does the Collections Unit do?

The Collections Unit collects all fines in default.  It is mandated to recover outstanding fines and close client files.  It is also responsible to all civil enforcement. Consequences of not paying fines include the suspension of driver's licence, plate denial, referral of the fine to a collection agency or civil enforcement of the debt.

What does Civil Enforcement do?

The fine is transferred to either Small Claims Court or a higher court.  The following enforcement actions may be applied:

  1. Debtor Examination - the debtor is interviewed in front of a judge to determine financial ability to pay the debt
  2. Execution Against Lands - registers the unpaid fine as a debt against your property
  3. Garnishments - legal process that requires your employer/financial institution to pay a portion of your wages to the court as payment towards clearing your debt

My ticket is several years old.  Why am I just getting notified now?

The City of Peterborough accepted the transfer of responsibilities for Provincial Offences in 2000.  With the transfer came a large backlog of defaulted fines.  The City's Collection Unit is actively working on reducing the backlog.  According to Provincial legislation, there is no time limitation for the collection of unpaid fines. (Limitations Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c.24, Schedule B, Section 16 (1)(i)(i))

My Licence has been suspended because I did not pay my fine by the due date.  What should I do now?

If a suspension has been ordered, you must pay the total amount outstanding at any Provincial Offences Court in Ontario.  After payment is made, you are required to go to your local Ministry of Transportation office and pay an additional reinstatement fee.  As long as there are no further outstanding fines , your licence will be reinstated within 3-4 business days of paying the fine. 

Why am I notified of my suspension after I have been suspended?

The Ministry of Transportation sends out the suspension notices after they have suspended your driver's licence.  If you have any questions, please contact the Ministry.

Why does it take up to 4 business days to reinstate my licence?

Once the Provincial Offences Court office receives payment, the Defaulted Fines Control Centre is advised electronically through an overnight batch reporting system.  The Defaulted Fines Control Centre administers all defaulted fines for the whole Province of Ontario.  Once they have been notified, they will clear the suspense from their records and then notify the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) within 2 days.  MTO will then require an additional 2 days to update your driving record on their system.