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Ward 5 - Northcrest

Staff photo of Councillor Haacke"This is an opportunity for Northcrest Ward residents to have a direct say in how their tax dollars are spent on Capital projects in their neighbourhoods. Whether you have a specific idea or just want to join the conversation, come out to take part in this process that makes our local government even more accessible, transparent and accountable." remarked Councillor Dave Haacke.

Staff photo of Councillor Beamer"Participatory Budgeting is a great way to increase citizen engagement and bring residents together. This initiative allows citizens to brainstorm ideas and make decisions on capital spending that will benefit Northcrest Ward.” said Councillor Andrew Beamer.

A community vote is not required because only one project was deemed eligible.


  • Eligible Projects

    Pollinator Gardens: $18,820

    This pollinator garden project aims to empower people in the community by providing an opportunity to better understand their natural habitats, to teach people how to build a pollinator garden, and to connect communities to environmental solutions that protect nature. The garden will be built alongside the Hilliard Community Garden. The project is building on existing infrastructure, and using the assets already available to the community. Moreover, the proposal includes new items that will add to the biodiversity of the area, including fruit trees and over 60 native, perennial, and drought-resistant plants. Once they blossom, they will provide essential food for pollinators l & they will also beautify the neighbourhood with the addition of vibrant and colourful flowers. Ultimately, the pollinator garden will positively impact the neighbourhood as it will create new opportunities for learning about biodiversity and the importance of pollinators to our health and wellbeing.

    Project Sponsor:

    Project Documentation:

  • Ineligible/Withdrawn Projects

    Three-Way Stop on Fairbairn at Raymond Street

    Add a 3-way stop on Fairbairn Street at Raymond Street. Fairbairn Street is used by vehicles to bypass multiple sets of lights on Chemong Road, which makes crossing or merging difficult/dangerous. A 3-way stop would slow speeders a little, and provide a place for pedestrians to cross for access to the bus stops that are all on the West side of Fairbairn Street.

    Improve pathway connecting the two parts of Hillside Street

    Make existing rough trail into a regular gravel pathway. The existing rough trail becomes a muddy bog during spring thaw and during extended rainy periods. This would greatly improve conditions for the flow of pedestrians and cyclists between the residential Fairbairn Street area and the Chemong Road commercial district.

    Two Benches on ParkwayTrail between 1.Fairbairn/Chemong 2.Chemong/Hilliard

    Installation of 2 park benches on the Parkway Trail between Fairbairn/Chemong and Chemong/Hilliard. Improves accessibility. Provides rest stops for pedestrians in need. Provides a place to sit to enjoy the birds and green environment.

    Water Street North Trail

    Repair and widen current sidewalk on west side of Water Street between Hilliard and Carnegie. Designate it a walking and cycling trail. Supports north/south walking/cycling transportation on Water St between Hilliard/Carnegie. Allows access for going downtown, to the Zoo &Trent University. Current sidewalk is unfit for safe walking.

    Link the trail for pedestrians and bikes across Parkhill Road

    Create a safe way for pedestrians and bikes to cross over Parkhill at Benson Ave, thus providing a safe link to the trail system and downtown. Trying to cross Parkhill Road is very dangerous; it makes sense to connect the trail in a way that is safe for pedestrians and bikes.

    Rotary Trail Link - Safer intersections at George/Water/Hilliard

    Improve the safety of pedestrians/cyclists crossing George and Water on the Rotary Trail. Also improve safety for automobiles turning or continuing along Hilliard. Provides safer link along the trail from North-East city and Downtown. The trail is used by people of all age groups and for multiple modalities (exercise/pleasure, commuting).

    Enclosed Bus Shelter at Cumberland Ave and Royal Drive - North Side

    An enclosed weatherproof bus shelter for citizens to catch city bus transportation and young children to catch school bus transportation. Citizens and young children should not have to stand exposed to bad weather while waiting at a major city bus and school transportation stop.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Ward Councillors:

Councillor Andrew Beamer
City of Peterborough
500 George Street North
Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9 
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext. 4642


Councillor Dave Haacke
City of Peterborough
500 George Street North
Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9 
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext. 4648