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Ward 4 - Ashburnham

Staff photo of Councillor Baldwin“I am really looking forward to meeting with the residents of Ashburnham Ward. I look forward hearing about their ideas for making improvements to our city," remarked Councillor Gary Baldwin.



Staff photo of Councillor Riel"I feel that what we are embarking on is the start of people feeling that they are finally being listened to and a part of the decision making for their community," said Councillor Keith Riel.




  • Eligible Projects

    James Stevenson Park Improvements: $17,559

    Install four (4) 24' high square steel poles complete with four (4) 241W LED heads to illuminate the court. Each pole will be mounted on a concrete base. Power will be supplied from the nearby existing handwell to each pole with 50mm buried conduit. A timeclock and momentary push-button with timing relay for the lights will be installed as well. All disturbed landscaping during construction will be restored to existing conditions or better.

    Project Sponsor:

    Chelsea Gardens/Farmcrest Park Improvements: $19,990

    Enhancements to Farmcrest park will include 2 Decorative Benches, 3 Armour Stones and 13 Oak Trees.

    Project Sponsor:

    Expanded Riverside Park: $10,000

    Remove the broken-down chain link fence in the area shown in the city aerial photograph, remove the debris in the park area that had been enclosed by the fence, and prune the current undergrowth where required. Complete the integrity of the outfield fence of the baseball diamond if and where required.

    Project Sponsor:

    Walking route of Burnham Point: $2000

    Trim this brush on the grassed area only west of Edgewater Boulevard and north of Bruce Street to a width of 10 feet, similar to a standard City walking path. Improves access and safety for one of the major short walking routes in Ashburnham Ward.

    Project Sponsor:

    Pollinator Gardens for Nicholls Oval and Rotary Trail: $19,956

    To build four 6-foot x 10-foot raised garden beds and one 12-foot diameter ground-level garden and then fill them with pollinator plants to increase the number and variety of pollinator species (bees, insects, etc.) in the local neighbourhoods and wild areas. The gardens will provide food in the form of nectar and pollen to increase the populations of pollinators local to those neighbourhoods, and these pollinators will in turn be available to pollinate home gardens and wild plants in the area. This is intended as an education project, so signs will be located at each garden. The signs will inform visitors about the value of pollinators to maintain our food and home gardens, and will provide information on how to start pollinator gardens at home. Contact information for local organizations will also be included: Peterborough Pollinators, Peterborough GreenUP, the Nourish Project, etc.

    Project Sponsor:

    Project Documentation:

  • Ineligible/Withdrawn Projects

    Pollinator Garden - Seedling Trees - Rotary Trail

    Clearing Rotary Trail - trail to river of "Invasive Plants" - re-seed from trail to river with pollinator plants and seedling trees. Improves environment for bees and other pollinators such as Monarchs and others. Improves "Tree Canopy Inventory". Improves quality of life for children to be involved in coming years.

    Access to trail from Beavermead Park south to Lansdowne Street

    Open the gate at the south end of Beavermead Park. Provides access to complete walking trail around the lake at no cost. A constructed path at a later date would assist cyclists.

    Nichols Oval Restoration Project

    Nicols Oval Park-Restoration of electrical service at pavilion area to provide 10-20AMP circuits. Concrete repairs to Stage building. Install secure doors. Railing upgrade to Stage to comply with safety standards. Drainage tiling in Stage building area. New doors for the stage building. Nichol's Oval Park is the host park for the Peterborough Folk Festival as well as other community events. (Largest cultural event in Ward)The existing electrical service is not sufficient to power evening lighting, and food vendors. Generator use is noisy, dirty. The existing stage building should be repaired. The Park has been improved in conjunction with the Peterborough Rugby Club, and if these improvements are realized, the park would be in a better position to both host other events.

    Ashburnham Beautification (from exit off Hwy 7 by-pass to Liftlocks along Ashburnham Drive)

    Make the Ashburnham entrance to Peterborough more attractive with flower baskets and lamp post flags. Better signage. This is a prime entrance to Ecology Garden, Beavermead Park, Beavermead campground, Liftlocks, Liftlock Golf Course. More welcoming and gives a better impression to visitors.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Ward Councillors:

Councillor Keith Riel
City of Peterborough
500 George Street North
Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext. 4640   


Councillor Gary Baldwin
City of Peterborough
500 George Street North
Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext. 4647