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Ward 3 - Town

Staff photo of Councillor Therrien"Participatory budgeting is a very exciting concept,” remarked Councillor Diane Therrien “I look forward to working with citizens and staff to develop ideas and projects that will enhance our community and benefit residents."



Staff photo of Councillor Pappas“I am looking forward to the great ideas the good people of Town Ward will come up with through this process,” said Councillor Dean Pappas.




  • Eligible Projects

    Goose Pond\Otonabee River View Enhancement: $5,200

    On the east side of Water Street at Edinburgh Street along Otonabee River, trimming of trees and secondary growth (one-time) to improve sight lines out over the Otonabee River to provide views across the river to Inverleas Bridge and East City shoreline. Pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic traveling along Water Street will once again be afforded the greatest view of the Otonabee River, second only to that of Little Lake.

    Project Sponsor:

    Protected Bike Lane Demonstration Project: $9,500

    This project will add physical separation between cyclists and cars on George St between London St and McDonnel St, through planters, curb or other means. The project would serve as a demonstration project to allow citizens to experience and reflect on the potential for physically separated bike lanes to help cyclists feel and stay safe while riding.

    Project Sponsor:

    Artistic Bike Racks:$4,500

    This proposal would include the design and construction of a mixture of three sets of artistic bike racks which are both functional and contribute to the beautification of the landscape surrounding the Del Crary Park / Little Lake. It will encourage community members to use alternative means of transit & the rack itself would add to the beautification of the area.

    Project Sponsor:

    London Street Parkette Improvements: $8,000

    Planting of native trees surrounded by bird and pollinator friendly plants and shrubs. Placement of bench, community message board and waste bin. Creative planting to stop cars parking on lawn. This project is small but well located act of placemaking that restores place to pause, rest and gather in the shade on a well travelled pedestrian / bike route.

    Project Sponsor:

    Skatepark Lighting: $10,100

    This proposal is intended to add 4 new lights to provide improved lighting at the skate board park. The advanced type of lighting will effectively illuminate the entire skatepark, reducing safety risks, injury and crime. The skatepark area will be a safer & more inviting public space. This will hopefully result in drawing a broader spectrum of people to explore the space & enjoy some of our vibrant youth community.

    Project Sponsor:

    Highlighting Heritage on the Chemong Portage: $10,060

    The Chemong Portage is an ancient pathway between the Otonabee River and Chemong Lake. Two larger signs and some smaller signs will be put up to provide information and mark the route. The project recognizes a combined Aboriginal and settler history, highlights and promotes our distinctive heritage, and engages residents and tourists alike to explore Peterborough/Nogojiwanong.

    Project Sponsor:

  • Ineligible/Withdrawn Projects

    Decorative Downtown Lighting

    21 Decorative generic lighting fixtures attached to the city light poles, customized for the cafe district of Hunter Street, between George and Aylmer. Left up all year. Enhances the cafe district and increases the unique factor for tourists, shoppers and the entire community to enjoy. Beautifies the area and adds more lighting for both mood and safety.

    Community Orchards - Parks within Town Ward

    Small orchards of fruit & nut trees/shrubs accompanied by pollinator gardens in several parks in Town Ward. These trees/shrubs will be cared for by volunteers who will give the produce to shelters. Provides food for those who need it most, provides decorative gardens for the community to enjoy and provides education opportunities for students and pre-school children.

    Pollinator Pathways in Ward Trails & Parks

    This project proposes to build pollinator-friendly gardens (with native, perennial flowers and plants) in our urban landscapes. For example, along trails in Town Ward. The addition of colourful flowers, plants, bees and butterflies will transform Ward 3 into a beautiful one.

    Sherbrooke Park Upgrade

    Addition of Picnic tables - East side of park, Vegetable garden boxes on the west side of the park, splash pad. Encourage family participation, safe play area, maximize use of under utilized space.

    Pollinator Gardens - various locations across the ward

    This project proposes to build pollinator-friendly gardens (with native, perennial flowers and plants) in our urban landscapes. For example, in front of schools or converting homeowner lawns. The addition of colourful flowers and plants will beautify Ward 3, enhance the biodiversity of the region, as well as enhance citizen knowledge and engagement in the stewardship of this land.

    Birds & Bees on Bethune - North of the Simcoe/Bethune Basketball Court

    Pollinator Garden with native plants, flowering trees, benches and a brick pathway from Bethune Street. Possibly a bird bath. Continues the Bethune - Simcoe improvements. Wheelchair accessible. An urban oasis for people as well as butterflies.

    Sun Shelter/Picnic Shelter at Stewart Street Park (between Sherbrooke & Dalhousie)

    Multi purpose shelter which would be used for rain catchment by the community garden, a shaded sitting area, a rain shelter for the parks program and other social events. This park is a community hub and this would be the final piece of its revitalization. It would encourage more families to use this space in rain and shine.

    Hamilton Park Pavilion

    A roofed shelter and community gathering space to enhance Hamilton Park. The structure will replace the derelict spray post and pad beside the playground. It will provide a focal point for neighbourhood gatherings and art-in-the-park type events, beautify the park, provide shade for adults while children play, and complement recreational pursuits.

    Safer Park Street Pedestrian Crossing - Intersection of Park and Bonaccord Streets

    A traffic sign and/or signal to promote safe pedestrian crossings at Park and Bonaccord Streets. The intersection is at the crest of a hill, creating a short sight-distance hazard for northbound drivers. Pedestrians frequently cross Park St at Bonaccord to access Jackson, Hamilton and Bonnerworth Parks. Signing and/or signalling this intersection will promote safe access to recreational areas.

    Renovation of a Small Park - Green Bridge Park or Millennium Park

    Renovation of a small park - Green Bridge Park or Millennium Park including picnic tables, chess tables, benches, a garden, barbecue grills, tables for other board games. This enriches the quality of life for residents by developing and providing both family and affordable leisure activities.

    Innovative Transit Shelter at Transit Stop at Charlotte and Bethune Streets

    This proposal would include the design and construction of an architecturally unique transit shelter at the corner of Bethune and Charlotte Streets. This location services four transit routes, including a Trent route. A shelter at this location would enhance level-of-service for riders, and would be a beautiful addition to this recently revitalized corridor.

    Community Rink Improvement Project - King Edward Park

    Small investments to improve the community rink and facilitate its continued creation & maintenance: installation of benches, improved lighting, rink maintenance equipment & small storage facility. Changes will improve the skating experience on this well-used rink, better enable volunteers to maintain the rink & provide continued free outdoor recreation for families.

Further Information

For additional information please contact Ward Councillors:

Councillor Dean Pappas
City of Peterborough
500 George Street North
Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext.4613
Home: 705-931-3619

Councillor Diane Therrien
City of Peterborough
500 George Street North
Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext. 4646