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Ward 2 - Monaghan

Staff photo of Councillor Clarke"I can’t wait to hear the great ideas that Monaghan Ward residents will have for making our part of Peterborough better and to work with them to choose the very best to make happen,”  remarked Councillor Henry Clarke, “This is truly about what our residents want!!!."


Don Vassiliadis"I look forward to hearing the voices of the constituents of Monaghan Ward. Participatory budgeting is a wonderful chance for individuals to speak up and be heard. Choosing a project with their vision and ideas will make a lasting and impactful mark on Monaghan Ward,” said Councillor Don Vassiliadis.

Voting is not required in Ward 2, because all eligible projects combine for a total cost of $19,960 therefore all will be considered by City Council for implementation.


  • Eligible Projects - Ward 2 Monaghan

    Kawartha Heights Park - Sandbox: $3,560

    Kawartha Heights Park playground sandbox with benches to separate sandbox users from park equipment users.

    Project Sponsor:

    Hastings Park Improvements: $8,000

    Accessible picnic tables in Hastings Park.

    Project Sponsor:

    Roper Park Improvements: $5,400

    Planting of 5 trees close to Firwood Crescent and install park bench near the new trees.

    Project Sponsor:

    Pollinating Gardens: $3,000

    To make an attractive native plant garden to attract pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies, many of which are in serious decline.

    Project Sponsor:

    Project Documentation:

  • Ineligible/Withdrawn Projects

    Sherbrooke Woods

    Sherbrooke Woods -between Sherbrooke Heights Retirement Home & Woodglade Boulevard:Install 2 park benches and 2 garbage cans. A section of trail needs crushed rock, also along Sherbrooke St where cars park. 2 more "Leashed Pet" signs. 3 shade trees for Cedargrove Park east of this site. Neighbours to walk, bike or rest on bench under natural treed area. Enjoy all 4 seasons by every age and pets. Also some needed shade at Cedargrove Park.

    Improvements to Kawartha Park

    Proper signage to raise profile of park and Identify trails. Also signage to identify important features of park and raise awareness of the physical environment, perhaps done with Fleming students. This park is amazing and has 8 entrances to serve residents. It will improve physical fitness of people. It is free and is of benefit to all residents including retired people, people with pets and children.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Ward Councillors:

Councillor Don Vassiliadis
City of Peterborough
500 George Street North
Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9 
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext. 4645
Home: 705-875-2402 

Councillor Henry Clarke
City of Peterborough
500 George Street North
Peterborough, ON K9H 3R9 
Phone: 705-742-7777 ext. 4611
Home: 705-749-3149