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Frequently Asked Questions


Question  Answer
What if a project pushes the definition of "eligible" project?  Go for it.  One of the defining principles of PB is that all community ideas should be brought forward for discussion.  Eligibility will be determined through the formal review stages.
Do Project Leaders need to be residents of the ward?


Do projects need to be physical or could they be something like a transit app?  For the pilot they must be physical projects, alternatives may be possible in the future.
Can services be considered as part of PB?  Services were considered during the PB design stage, but it was decided not to include services in the pilot.  It is a challenge to ramp a service up, and down.  Services may be considered in the future.
Can a project be sourced locally or does it need to go through the procurement process?  Procurement must go through the City process.  Some projects may be done in-house by Public Works, but it still flows through the regular process.  It is against the law in Ontario to provide a preference to local sources.
There is a project limit of $20,000 but the guidebook talks about fundraising.  Can we fundraise? A project leader can fundraise up to an extra 25% of the project cost. Fundraising must be completed by September 30th and implementation will not begin until the money is received by the City.
Why was the fundraising capped at 25% of total project cost? Staff felt that too large a fundraising amount would not be fair and would change the nature of the process.  

Can two wards share grants?

Yes.  Wards would need to work that out together.
 Could all 5 wards collaborate on a single project for $100,000? Theoretically, but Wards would need to work that out together .
The wards have each received $2,500 for incidentals?  How does that work? The incidentals are to cover costs such as renting space for brainstorming sessions and can be accessed by Councillors.
Does it need to be community fundraising or can someone just write a cheque? Fundraising from a single source or multiple sources is acceptable.
Will the City consider an increase for PB in the future? This is a pilot and we can consider building on this as a start.

Can someone submit a 2 year project?

No, because this is a pilot so there is no guarantee for year 2 but you could develop a phased project idea and apply for year 1 now and resubmit for year 2 next time (if available).
Is it the intention to replace the capital budget? No.  The $100,000 PB allocation was approved as part of the 2016 Capital Budget.

If the evaluation is in Jan/Feb 2017 how will we be ready for next year?

There will not be PB next year.  If it goes ahead the next cycle will happen in 2018.
If a project is deemed an improvement for the entire city but falls within a specific ward, does it come out of our budget or split between wards? Comes out of ward Budget.  One could argue that every project will benefit the entire city in some way.

Are financial donations tax deductible?

Yes.  This is consistent with past practise.  A recent example would be the Splash Pad at Nicholl's Oval, completed in 2013.

Can a staff person, responsible for project costing and feasibility, be on site at the brainstorming meetings to assist with general cost questions?

Each ward will have a designated staff person (PB Assistant) that they will work with.  The PB Assistant will be the liaison between the Project Leaders, City staff and ward Councillors.  The PB Assistant can come to brainstorming meetings to answer general questions.  The staff person who may ultimately do the project costing and feasibility would not come as that could be one of a number of staff, all dependent upon which ideas are being put forward.  If the PB Assistant does not know the answer to a question, they will find out and report back.
Council Information
Stage 8 of the PB process describes Council approval.  Is that a rubber stamp? We will be following our existing process which includes Council approval but our expectation is that they will approve it.  It is Council’s prerogative to approve or not.
Where can I find information on current capital projects that are underway in this year? Council approved capital budget documents can be found of the City of Peterborough’s website or in person at City Hall.  
How is the City promoting the projects? The City will post all the projects on the website and will include short descriptions of the project on the ballots.  It is up to the project leader to promote the project.
Who will pay the expense to promote?  It is up to the project leader to promote his or her project. (Comment from another resident that there a number of radio stations and papers that will do public service announcements for free, perhaps they could promote the project that way.)
How will the information get out to seniors? Information about the projects will be available on-line, at City Hall or at Ward expos  (if there is one in their ward).

Will the information be provided in an alternative format other then email/ online?

Residents can also call or come to City Hall for information.
Could the City set up a way for people to sign up for a City Hall newsletter online? Not at this time.
Can we identify the people’s names on the vote? We had not planned to have people identify themselves on the vote.  People have been asked to provide contact information for follow up for the evaluation.    (Follow up suggestion that the project leader may want to add people’s names who were involved in the project development and support to the project document).  Also there is an idea rating sheet that can be used in the brainstorming session that will allow people to sign for projects that they support.

Can you only vote on projects in your ward?


Yes, residents may only vote for projects in their ward.

How will people know about which projects to vote for?

Project leaders will promote their own projects and a description of all projects will be available on the City website or in alternative formats if requested.
We may need more people engaged in this process?  Has the City considered how to engage the youth, Fleming, Trent, Civics classes, etc.?  The Councillors and the project leaders can do what ever they want to promote the process and the projects.  Those are all great ideas.  Keep encouraging friends and family.  Everyone will need to help with promoting something new.
Can people submit their idea online? Yes, via  "My Peterborough" Project Registration Form to register, and My Peterborough" Detailed Project Submission Form to submit a final project.



Can we see other wards' projects? Yes

Where can residents go to get ideas?

There are good ideas at and on the New York City site?

It will be important to set up voting to be clear to those who vote for which project.  If a person has only one vote and we have five projects to consider and the most popular project costs $2,000 and they vote for that project and it is accepted what happens to the remaining money? 

The next project(s) that receives the most votes and can be completed within the remaining funds (based on your example $18,000) will be implemented.  As such, one or several projects could be implemented.

Can the voting survey include voting for more than one project if it adds up to no more than $20,000?

No, based on the previous answer, I do not think this is necessary.



My Peterborough: Participatory Budgeting Brainstorming Sessions

The My Peterborough: Monaghan Ward Brainstorming Sessions took place February 24 and March 16, 2016.

The My Peterborough: Otonabee Ward Brainstorming Sessions took place February 25 and March 23, 2016.

The My Peterborough: Ashburnham Ward Brainstorming Session took place March 1, 2016.

The My Peterborough: Town Ward Brainstorming Session took place March 8, 2016.

The My Peterborough: Northcrest Ward Brainstorming Session took place March 10, 2016.